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Farmington | March 27 2008
At the end of the training, it was like a different dog that we were talking about. I had no idea at all how to have a dog, and Princess was completely training us. I was totally pleased with the training, it was very informative. Permalink
Pleasant Ridge | March 16 2008
Because of this training, I am able to keep my 2nd found stray. The dogs no longer fight and are learning to be polite walking on leash, etc. I have referred to my vet, the Royal Oak shelter, and individuals. Permalink
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Canton | March 15 2008
We saw an immediate difference in Jackson (Weimaraner) and learning who should be dominant in the family. Maril (our trainer) was great & listened to our needs. Permalink
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Detroit | March 04 2008
I want my dogs to be good "citizens" and with Bark Busters it is so nice to have one on one training with Bob rather than a gym with far too many dogs. Also, I can call Bob anytime and talk about a problem and how to solve it. Permalink
Grosse Pointe Woods | February 24 2008
When my husband and I started using Bark Busters, we had a very disobedient 2-year-old golden retriever. Everyone would tell me, "Oh, she's just being a puppy." Typical issues were eating everything in site from shoes and socks to rugs and dog beds, jumping up on people, biting pant legs, not walking well, not coming when called, jumping on the couch and bed, barking at every little noise...let's just say we had a laundry list of well over 30 annoying habits. No matter what I tried, nothing helped -- puppy and adult obedience classes, suggestions from my vet (who specializes in behavioral issues with dogs), etc. That's when I saw Bark Busters at the DKC dog show. The trainer explained my dog's behavior was beyond the "puppy" stage and she would be able to help -- help with training on MY schedule, in the exact environment where the problems occur -- in MY house and not in some school gym. What a great idea! She helped me see that my husband and I were not the pack leaders and our dog was trying to control us! After convincing my reluctant husband that our dog needed help, we signed up for Bark Busters. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Within 20 minutes, we saw a dog we had never seen before. SHE WAS LISTENING! My husband couldn't believe it! He admitted he was skeptical and is now Bark Busters' biggest supporter. We can now say we LOVE being with our dog so much more. We take her everywhere with us and don't worry about whether or not she'll have an "outbreak." We enjoy her so much more. I have recommended Bark Busters to many people and they all have the same response -- this is unbelievable! There is a lot of work involved and it does take time to build a routine so your dog knows these are the new rules but please understand, this is the BEST investment you'll ever make for your dog. I've had to have the trainer come back a couple times -- but NEVER for the same issue. I would recommend Bark Busters over and over again! Permalink
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Dearborn | February 18 2008
Almost instantly the dogs responded to the training. We liked the simplicity of the technique, no treats or collars, just the tone of our voices. Maril made it an enjoyable and informative experience. We've tried other training programs, this one is practical & effective, it pays for itself. Excellent program -- complex principles, but simple to put in to practice. Permalink
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Milford | February 18 2008
Maril listened to & responded to our many questions. Buy the end of our first lesson Sassy was much more attentive and submissive. We definitely were pleased with the natural training techniques. We didn't want to use physical means to train our dog. We feel closer to Sassy now that she is better behaved & sees us as pack leader. We have seen much improvement in Sassy & we are very pleased with the lifetime guarantee. Thank you! Permalink
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Taylor | February 16 2008
The initial presentation was VERY enlightening. I feel like I understand my dogs 10x better. They're different dogs. It was logical, accessible and humane. Maril & Bob made it very enjoyable - they were patient and exceptional teachers. I look forward to working with them more. It was SO worth the money. Absolutely! Permalink
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Plymouth | February 01 2008
Maril is a very good communicator. She developed a training plan that suited my concerns & needs - individualized it for us! By the end of the training, the dogs didn't rush the door! Permalink
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Allen Park | January 25 2008
The presentation was done in a manner easy to understand & brought dog language into simple terms. Jumping stopped immediately, making progress on come. The training was easy to implement and understand. Permalink

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