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Marina Del Rey | December 12 2012
I like the philosophy behind the Bark Busters method. I also want to let you know how wonderful Joe & Marci Natale are - patient, professional, caring. They represent Bark Busters in the very best way. Permalink
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Playa Del Rey | December 12 2012
Joe and Marci have been extremely helpful with my little angel, Serenity. They explained the behavior of dogs and it has helped me better understand Serenity. She is a rescue and heaven knows what she went through before I adopted her, but I'll do anything to make her life more happy and enjoyable. Joe and Marci have been patient with all my questions and concerns. They have worked within our environment, which is a great help. Permalink
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West Hollywood | December 12 2012
Joe and Marci were absolutely stellar when working with our rescue Shiba Inu. Our dog presented a few very absurd behavioral traits that Joe and Marcie managed to provide multiple solutions for. This has made us extremely happy with our dog, and their services. I've personally recommended them to a number of friends for training. Permalink
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Ponte vedra beach | December 12 2012
Excellent system. I immediatley saw results. I learned that I need to be leader of the pack...not my dog. More importantly, to have success with a dog, one must think like a dog not like a human. Bark Busters teaches you how to do this! Permalink
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Jacksonvnille | December 12 2012
James was "SUPER". After the first session Daisy shows great improvement. I have taken the leadership role. What an amazing difference. No more barking at the door bell- no jumping on everyone!! Permalink
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Ormond beach | December 12 2012
Amazing, immediate results. Permalink
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South Daytona | December 12 2012
Linda was very patient with us and didn't make us feel embarassed.Thank you! We are looking forward to having a well behaved dog! Permalink
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Daytona Beach | December 12 2012
My dog Maya is deaf, so I used to use a shock collar to get her attention. But now she is showing significant improvements just in the short time since the training. Permalink
Ocala | December 11 2012
Blue is starting to get it. Yeah! Laura is great with Blue. Permalink
Gainesville | December 11 2012
Laura really helped us understand how Zoey sees things so we now know how to properly react in a way that Zoey will understand. Absolutely noticeable results in our first lesson. The steps are simple and to the point, so minutes into the each exercise Zoey was catching on. Having an aggressive dog like Zoey made it very easy for us to lose our cool! The natural training techniques kept us under control which made it easier for us to stay in control. The training works which keeps us excited and motivated because it's great to see the change in Zoey. I will absolutely, hands down, no doubt about it, recommend Bark Busters! Zoey was unbearable to take outside or even be inside if Zoey were to spot another dog outside, but in the short time that we have been following the guidelines and using the training aids, Zoey really has become a completely different dog. Every day we see improvement! Thank you so much Laura! As I said from day one, Zoey really has met her maker! Permalink