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West Ashley | March 06 2012
Amazing! I had been to countless other training programs and thought my dogs were beyond help...until I met James. A major issue my dogs had was they would charge towards and jump all over anyone who entered our house. Within minutes after James started working with him they refused to jump on him, and after only a few days of practice they would no longer jump on me or other visitors. They were also impossible to take for walks, they would constantly pull on the leash but James was able to show us how to correct this and now they are doing much better. After only 3 sessions with James it is like we have a different, better behaved dogs. I would recommend him to anyone, he is a miracle worker! Permalink
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Canby | March 06 2012
Between the visual and hands-on, Dick made the training interesting and fun. Max is a different puppy. We can be a family and have fun. We are very much pleased with the natural training techniques. To be able to accomplish so much and such change without becoming physical with our dog is a blessing. Dick involved all six of us in the training and we all stayed focused and had fun. Our vet could not believe the difference and we are proud to have Max. Permalink
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Naples | March 06 2012
We were amazed by the way Benji reacted immediately. Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 06 2012
We saw immediate results. Our ability to connect with Bark Busters if we have problems is assuring. We recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Roselle | March 05 2012
This has been very useful to us so far. It not only teaches my dog but it teaches us as well. Christine is very helpful and I am happy to have her in our home, helping us all to relax. Training has become habit. Permalink
Farmington Hills | March 05 2012
We were at a loss with Sparky. Being from an abused home as a puppy, we were giving up. Bark Busters has helped us help him in regaining his place in OUR LIVES! He is such a good dog and all he needed was safety! Permalink
Waterford | March 05 2012
It is a great method that ANYONE with any amount of animal training experience can learn, and it makes a difference FAST. [Lisa] used good examples that made everything relatable to our daily lives. Graham's reactions to the techniques were AMAZING and hilarious to watch. Graham no longer challenges our authority. He knows the rules [and] follows them now. Permalink
Royal Oak | March 05 2012
Exciting to learn a hands-off, no-stress technique that will help us to have a happy household! :) Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 05 2012
I was able to follow the training methods easily. By the end of training (one, two hour lesson) I could see results but I understand training needs to continue. I recommend Bark BUsters because in just one session there were results. Permalink
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Bowie | March 05 2012
Sharon is a miracle worker! My dog's energy level, stubborn nature, and wariness of strangers made her quite difficult to handle and it really began to wear on me last fall when she turned 1 year. I finally reached out to the reputable Bark Busters program and after spending a couple hours with Sharon, I instantly knew I had made the right decision. Sharon helped me understand the art of being the firm but gentle 'pack leader' and the change was immediate. Penny has become much more obedient, looking to me to guide her in the right direction. She has overcome her fear of new people and places. With the guidance offered by Sharon Penny and I have a relationship I could only dream of before. Very pleased!! Permalink