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Ortonville | July 02 2012
I WILL RECOMMEND BARK BUSTERS TO EVERYONE I KNOW WITH A PROBLEM DOG! Lisa answered all of my questions, [and] she made training my dog fun and interesting. I was amazed how simple the training is! I will THANK MY VET for recommending Bark Busters. Permalink
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Donald | July 02 2012
The techniques are clear and easy to understand. Buddy's barking was greatly diminished after each training session. The training is interesting and educational, moving clearly from exercise to exercise. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Limerick | July 02 2012
It is amazing how quickly Buster responded to Jeri's commands. I have never owned a dog before, Jeri has been able to not only help us start to train our puppy but answer all of my questions about caring for him! Permalink
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Limerick | July 02 2012
Being a first time dog owner Jeri explained everything in a way that made it easy for us (and our dog) to learn. Permalink
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Pottsgrove | July 02 2012
Behaviors changed almost immediately even with 10 year old dog - great! Jeri recommended a change in food and I'm very pleased! I really like the non-food techniques! Permalink
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Coventry | July 02 2012
Jeri gave us examples and made everything simple to understand. Bo was more attentive to us and our expectations of him. We couldn't be happier. The techniques worked so well. It was enjoyable knowing we were improving our relationship with Bo. It is so wonderful to have company visit and hear how well behaved and attentive Bo is. The training helped he and us adjust to each other! Permalink
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Royersford | July 02 2012
Jeri was great to work with. She gave us reasonable goals and to remain consistent with our home training. Permalink
Wynnewood | July 01 2012
We are very pleased with the results that we have obtained using Donald Cohen and Bark Busters. Our dog (flat coated retriever mix) is very smart and picked up the training very quickly. He walks much better on a leash and is much more at ease with our family. Donald was very clear with his explanation of the fundamental concepts and techniques both with both my husband and me, and our three children. The natural training techniques make a lot of sense and are very humane and effective. Donald has been very supportive of our efforts and has a calm, pleasant training style. He listens very well and provides very specific training instructions for the areas we needed to work at with our dog. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors because of their natural, non-treat based methods and results. Permalink
Aurora | June 30 2012
Robin explained the training in a way which was easy to understand. She played my dog's role and went over it several times, until I got it just right. I noticed immediate results. My dog quit barking at dogs on the TV after two corrections. Very pleased with the hands off and calm voice, natural training methods. The training was exceptionally interesting and enjoyable. It was exciting that my trainer, Robin was helping me to help my dog. I would recommend Bark Busters over another dog trainer because of its humane and natural ways. My only regret is that I didn't call Bark Busters sooner. Permalink
Dallas | June 30 2012
I was impressed by the sustained attentiveness of my dogs without the use of treats. I was thrilled about that. I have always thought using treats, the way I have, does not really put me in a leadership position; so I was happy to learn you do not use them to train. I am having trouble with the "toss" correction, but Rebecca has worked with me on other ways to correct while maintaining that "element of surprise". I will absolutely recommend Bark Busters. I love that you all follow up on the clients. I received a card in the mail from Rebecca as well. I can tell you all really enjoy what you do. Rebecca shared a lot of insight with me. What she's doing really is giving me the confidence and support I need to keep at it with my dogs so I can give them a happy life. Permalink