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Canby | September 21 2009
The training techniques were very easy to understand. The results were in the people, with renewed hope that our dog could become the kind of dog we want. I was glad I had a correction technique that did not use a choke collar. We really enjoyed Dick. His presentation and friendliness made us all comfortable. Penny is so different from our last dog. I didn't know what to do with some of her behaviors, so I am so relieved to have a direction to go, to train her and me! Permalink
Lake Orion | September 21 2009
My family and friends can't believe the difference in the dogs: They aren't jumping all over them any more! Permalink
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West Allis | September 21 2009
Nikki explained the training techniques very well. I did notice some results by the end of training. I like the fact that there was no yelling or scolding involved. I would and will recommend Bark Busters. I really enjoyed the experience and thought the information and training techniques were extremely useful and I will be continuing the training techniques I learned. Permalink
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Wauwatosa | September 21 2009
In just a few days Henry is calm, submissive, and definitely respecting us more. We are so proud of him! Permalink
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Fort Myers | September 20 2009
Bark Busters empowered me to understand my dog much better and in turn, through the Bark Busters training system, my dog is better able to understand me. Patrick answered all of my questions while explaining the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I observed and heard noticeable improvement by the end of the lesson. I am very pleased with the humane and easy training techniques. I am now able to clearly communicate with my dog - no mixed signals. I enjoyed the private, in home setting. I feel I was able to learn more in a one on one setting versus a group class. I would recommend Bark Busters because their method is easy to understand and the results are immediate. Permalink
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Cape Coral | September 20 2009
Amazing! The demonstrations of the training techniques and visual aids helped make the lesson very effective. The results we saw at the end of the lesson were amazing. The training experience was interesting, enjoyable and very informative. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | September 20 2009
We were amazed by the immediate improvement in Buddy, our Boxer. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. Once the reasons behind the various techniques were given and the demonstrations were done, everything seemed easy and obvious. Patrick did an excellent job teaching us and we are very happy with the results. Permalink
Louisville | September 20 2009
Doug did an outstanding job of explaining the techniques. Pebbles was a different dog. The fact that you don't use treats or physical force makes everyday tasks simple and humane. Doug is extremely good at what he does! He was incredibly positive and patient. Permalink
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Naples | September 19 2009
We observed noticeable results before the end of the first session. It was so quick. Colin and June were so great. The change in Rocky was almost immediate, it was amazing. Permalink
West Ashley | September 18 2009
My dog Dexter is a Cairn terrier about 18 months old. In an attempt to work off Dexter's puppy energy, I began using a laser light for play. Dexter loved chasing the light - all around the room up and down the stairs. Unfortunately Dexter transferred his play activity to a fixation on lights and shadows. He would bark insistently at any shadow or light reflection on the wall, floor or ceiling. He exhibited this behavior outside during walks also as he would fixate and bark constantly at his own shadow, my shadow or any shadow from any person, plant or object. Dexter's behavior was so extremely disruptive that I was on the verge of finding a new home for him.---I spoke with my vet about Dexter's behavior and she recommended Bark Busters. James came to my home, talked with me and showed me the proper way to handle Dexter. The results were incredible! By the end of our session, I was the "alpha" and Dexter was a well mannered puppy.---A shadow will still occasionally catch his attention, but I now know how to correct him. Barking is at a minimum and walking outside with him is a pleasure versus a chore. Permalink