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Itasca | May 04 2011
I have a rescue dog that other trainers and my veterinarian have considered hopeless and even recommended euthanasia. Chris Guth from Bark Busters has worked miracles with Buddy and in fact saved his life. I am eternally grateful to her. I love her positive reinforcement and gentle training methods. She truly cares for the dogs that she works with. I can not speak for all Bark Buster trainers but I can absolutely say that Chris Guth is the best and gives Bark Busters a great name. Permalink
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Dobbs Ferry | May 03 2011
I was very impressed with the results. I think this method makes a lot of sense. Permalink
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Charlottesville | May 03 2011
I have to say that Alison Wilson is the BEST dog trainer we have ever worked with. Our pitbull, Harper, is extremely strong willed and never followed our commands. He also has separation anxiety and would destroy our house or his crate, which would lead to injuries, if we left him. Alison has taught us how to be the leaders of our pack. She went on numerous walks with us and showed us how to keep him focused. She came over as often as we needed her to, and gave us advice through email and over the phone. Harper is still working on his separation anxiety, but it is much better. We never have to worry about coming home to an injured/panicked dog. Harper views us as the leaders now and responds immediately to our commands. We are very proud to say that we're responsible pitbull owners and it was all possible because of the help that Alison provided. We will continue to use Bark Busters and Alison Wilson for all of our doggie troubles and would recommend them to anyone who is also having problems with their pets. WE LOVE BARK BUSTERS AND ALISON WILSON! Permalink
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Spring Hill | May 03 2011
Everything you read about Joanne and the Bark Busters training is absolutely, 100% true! Our dog is 6 years old - a rescue from the Animal Shelter. We say this because it does not matter how old your dog is or what his previous training (or lack thereof) had been --- you will see results immediately with Joanne's techniques. It is the best money we ever spent on a dog trainer ... and we think Joanne is also a people trainer! Results were truly immediate and we could not believe how easy it was to make our dog respond the way he does now. Permalink
Veterinarian | May 03 2011
Our frustration had turned to enthusiasm by the end of our training. We were looking forward to enjoying our puppy instead of fussing at her. As a vet, everything described about body language is what I use at work to facilitate exams, yet I had simply forgotten to use them at home with my own dogs. We ALL need reminding! Bark Busters is excellent, I highly recommend them. Permalink
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Houston | May 03 2011
Connie Archer did a fabulous job with our English Bulldog, Reese's. Connie spent two hours focusing on the specific behavioral problems Reese's was having. I truly thought nothing was going to work on our over hyper stubborn bulldog. Connie's techniques worked like a charm! Reese's has been a wonderful dog ever since Connie came to our home. Before we were using a prong collar to try and keep Reese's in control but we have not used it at all since the training session. Connie was worth every penny!! We are enjoying our big bulldog more than ever before! Thanks!! Permalink
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Naples | May 02 2011
Pure genius, what a wonderful way to train "Bella" and her owners. Thank you, Colin and June - Mary and I are now able to communicate clearly with "Bella"; your passion and knowledge is very much appreciated! Looking forward to your second visit next week! Permalink
West Bloomfield | May 02 2011
Lisa and John are great, and the methods REALLY WORK! Thank you! So happy we chose Bark Busters! Permalink
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Ponte Vedra Beach | April 30 2011
Linda was so thorough and made it easy to replicate on our own. We noticed results not at the end but at the beginning! Linda had a great rapport with Shandy. Linda was so kind and made things so easy to understand. Shandy responded immediately! Permalink
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Flagler Beach | April 30 2011
I especially liked the fact that Linda did not push me into doing anything that I wasn't comfortable with but instead listened to my concerns about my dog and taught me techniques I was able to use and they really worked! Wow Cooper was waiting towards the back of the foyer when the doorbell rang without me telling him to go back by the end of the first lesson! One word, one action and my dog got it on the first lesson! Linda is very knowledgeable and personable. I never felt she was judging me but sincerely wanted to help my dog over his fears and we are well on our way! I have already told many people how happy I was with our first lesson and they are already asking for her number! Thank you Linda! We are hoping to keep progressing so we can actually take a walk without chaos caused by Coopers intense barking at dogs. Off to a great start! Permalink