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Schaumburg | May 01 2012
We liked the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters-especially how the training is customized to your dogs. Christine takes the personality and needs of the dog into consideration before developing the training regimen. We really like the fact that the foundation for the training is not about treats. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters. Christine was very responsive and worked with us to help get our dogs the best they could be. Her love for dogs is evident in her work. Permalink
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Sylvania | April 30 2012
YES, YES, YES. I already have recommended to several neighbors and friends! I couldn't tell enough people about Dori's transformation right before my eyes. She was already a different dog after the 3hour one time training! Even things I thought Dori was already well trained at, such as walking on a lead, I saw marked improvements by applying the training techniques taught to me by the Bark Busters Trainer. The techniques worked for every dog behavior we could think think of. Begging, front door manners, "leave it", come when called, this list goes on and on. The training methods are simple to learn and having a trainer in person at your house to help teach you is like having a personal trainer for an exercise routine. I believe that is what makes all the difference in the world, and what sets Bark Busters apart from other dog training out there. Well, I can't say enough about our trainer, the training methods, and the positive changes in our dog. Our Trainer Cheryl Kubista was like the "Dog Whisperer" coming into our house! Not by the same techniques, but the same results. Cheryl came in and Dori knew immediately that someone special was in our home. She submissively lay on the couch (which we allow) and listened as Cheryl explained all the training techniques. She had not even acknowledged Dori at this point, yet Dori would raise her head and look over at Cheryl with submission, as if she sensed this person knew what she was talking about, and Dori knew she was not going to get away with negative behaviors. Cheryl was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of Dog. (ownership, care, proper nutrition, fun play, exercise, you name it) Cheryl was relaxed, in no hurry and let me talk for as long as I needed to, describing our dog, her behaviors, her great qualities, our love for her etc. Cheryl is not just a dog person she is a people person, and was super at training us both. Instilling confidence in both myself and our dog. She was able to show me the few easy training methods and was there to assist me in applying them. Then watching me successfully apply them. Just like someone being there to help you ride a bike. When I began walking Dori on a lead properly and working at the fence line to call her off of the neighbor's dog, it was like magic! I wish I had it recorded! This all happened within the three hours Cheryl was at our home. The results were instant. We felt success on that first day! When Cheryl left I was worried that I wouldn't be able to successfully perform without her there, but soon after I applied the technique at the fence barking, I had success all by myself! To top it off, the next day, while I was at work my 10 year old had success all by herself, she was so proud of herself! My husband, the most difficult one to convince, had success for a whole Sunday afternoon while he and Dori were outside, Dori listened to him, in and out of a fenced yard! He had a big smile on his face and said she is learning! There is no doubt how much I believe in the Bark Busters Training. I recommend it to anyone who could use any help at all with their dog. The one time training with a trainer in person made all the difference! There was no high pressure to purchase anything extra. It is amazing that a few hours of your time can change all the undesired behaviors in your dog and bring your relationship with your dog even closer. Yes you have to be consistent on the training exercises after the trainer leaves, but they are simple to apply, not time consuming, and you will love the results so much you can't help but do it consistently. If you are worried about the cost, it is worth it, worth it, worth it!!! Sincerely, A Very Satisfied Dog Owner, Angie Lyons Permalink
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Viera | April 30 2012
We were pleasantly surprised at the excellent training of our trainer. She certainly had our dog's attention and ours as well. Permalink
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Newberg | April 30 2012
We noticed results right away. The dogs were beginning to realize we were now the leaders. We found the training experience to be enjoyable and rewarding. The natural techniques are outstanding. The first day Linda and I saw results. I'm excited with the training the dogs are receiving. Thank you for what you're giving us. Permalink
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Greensboro | April 30 2012
Amy was so great!!!! Our dog, a 50 lb. duck retriever -- was CRAZY. He jumped on my children, he barked at people, he scratched and nipped. In just a few hours, she taught us how to take control of the situation and helped train him. She got our children involved too. Now, he is a WONDERFUL part of our family. Two years later, we had a golden retriever join our family - and he was scaring our neighbors with his aggressive barking and charging at the fence. He's a 6-year old dog... and you CAN teach a dog new tricks! Thank you Amy! Permalink
Frankfort | April 29 2012
Zuko immediately stopped jumping up when Vicky used her training techniques. Very pleased! There was absolutely no harm or foul play and Zuko became submissive. Permalink
Mokena | April 29 2012
I was pleased with the natural training techniques. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Westmont | April 29 2012
Yoshi respected Vicky; saw her as authority. It was enjoyable to watch bad behavior change. I do recommend Bark Busters at work often and now I will even more. Permalink
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Dustin C Grand Rapids, Michigan | April 28 2012
Ken provided very detailed explanations of why we were using each technique. Our dog's nervousness was considerably less after only the first training session. The methods are very humane and surprisingly effective. I thought there was no hope for my dog's behavior problems. This was a last resort attempt before having to find a new home for my dog. I was pleased with the results. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Other, Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Yorba Linda | April 27 2012
I've read the other testimonials about Wendy Blanch and she really is as amazing as the testimonials indicate---If we hadn't had Wendy's expertise I would have been sceptical of all the glowing praise BUT she turned our white, 88 lb, German Shepherd around. After ony 2 weeks and 2 visits with Wendy we now have a great dog who walks at the "heel" position and without lunging at other dogs. We signed up for the one year with her and that decision was partly based on the feeling that it would take any trainer at least a year to correct some of our Shepherd's bad habits. He really is a sweet dog, but after having him for 3 years I was becoming frustrated with his charging other dogs while on a leash. I know we have to keep practicing what Wendy has taught us, but now we have definite guide lines of things to do that really work!!! Permalink