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Thiensville | December 03 2012
Well -- after having two Beagles for over a year, my wife and I were at wits end trying to train them to keep them from peeing on the carpet and bedding. We were to the point that we literally were going to give the dogs up. Our vet suggested Bark Busters and we called the 800 number. That evening we received a callback and an appointment was set. Nikki, quite literally, saved the day. She told us all the things we were doing wrong (and honestly, no book, internet page, etc. mentioned the things she did). She spent over two hours with me and I have taken the training to heart and followed what she suggested to the letter. I am happy to report that not only have we been accident free for two weeks (a record in our house) but we are enjoying the dogs much better as well. I HIGHLY recommend Nikki and her services! Permalink
Johnston | December 02 2012
After the first training session we noticed a huge difference in our dog. Our dog was less anxious and more relaxed, a TOTALLY different dog. This has made our house a more peaceful environment. Loved the in-home training experience. It's great that you can train your dog without constantly giving them treats. We are constantly saying, "WOW" this really works!! I would recommend this to anyone who has a puppy or simply can't find the right training technique. We went through a 6-week puppy class that was based on treats and came out frustrated at the little progress we observed. Working with Deb within the first hour in our home we noticed a huge difference. We understand our dog better and how to work with him. THANK YOU BARK BUSTERS for helping us with Stanley!! Permalink
Fitchburg | December 02 2012
I have a 5 year old beagle/lab mix with possession aggression, Casper, and a 17 month old son who likes to take toys away from the dog, Colby. We had a couple scares with Casper lashing out at Colby when he would go for her bone. We were either going to get rid of the dog we love or try to fix her behavior. Greg came over and changed everything for us. He spent 3.5 hours with us. 3 hours was training my wife and me and 30 minutes was training my dog. I can say, 2 weeks later, we have a completely different dog. We are still cautious as parents but we don't have the fear anymore. Casper is completely submissive to us now and when she is in a situation she is not comfortable in, she leaves the room or the situation. I STRONGLY suggest going with Bark Busters and with Greg. He honestly changed everything within our household with our dog. She no longer begs for food at the table, barks like crazy at passers by and is no longer aggressive towards our son or other dogs. She is a lot more mellow and respectful. Permalink
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Columbus | December 01 2012
I can't begin to say enough good things about Greg and Bark Busters. Greg was at my house just yesterday and before I could even blink my three dogs were quiet, peaceful, and wagging their tails. I was so afraid that some trainer was going to turn my dogs into shells of their former selves and that they would not actually be happy - just obedient. But that could not be further from the truth! All three are calm and happy. Even our oldest, who was bullied by our second dog into being submissive and timid, is walking around wagging her tail and playing! We thought we'd never see that side of Carmen again! They are going outside quietly instead of fighting with each other; people can come into our home without being molested; and it's clear that all three dogs now see me as the alpha. The teaching methods are simple, gentle, and really speak to the dogs on their level so they get it the first time. I am recommending Bark Busters to everyone I know! Thank you for giving us our sanity back! Permalink
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Brookeville | December 01 2012
WOW!!! My husband and I are so excited about our experience with Marsha this afternoon. Our 1 y.o. Plott Hound mix was showing sings of aggression and then bit my sister-in-law last week. Needless to say we were distraught! We called Bark Busters and were impressed right away with the initial contact and reassurance we were given that the training we would receive would work for Comet. I have to say I was anxious and skeptical and couldn't figure out how they could help us-BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Marsha was great, both with teaching us the techniques, but also with answering our multitude of questions. Comet is responding already, even since Marsha has left us to work on our techniques. He is learning, rather quickly, that my husband and I are the leaders of the pack, which is making all the difference. I am excited to keep working the steps we were taught and improve Comets behavior! Believe the hype, this is by far the best investment we've made for Comet, and Marsha is our hero!!!! Permalink
Des Moines | December 01 2012
Deb is very easy to work with. She explained it so that we could easily understand the homework that we have to do each night. After training one hour they (our two Corgis) were already behaving better. In the two weeks that followed, due to our persistent daily training, they are much happier and better behaved. After the second training session, I have never seen them this well behaved and I think due to the techniques that we have been taught they will just keep getting better and better. The more natural training techniques used by Bark Busters are excellent. Deb is friendly and engaging and is truly an expert. Bark Busters Home Dog Training is well worth the money! Deb does a great job and our dogs are the happiest we've ever seen them!!! Permalink
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Joliet | December 01 2012
Abby was very disruptive to the other dogs and cats prior to John coming to the house. Abby seems better, but a long way to go. Abby seems to be tolerating the leash better and following commands. We would recommend Bark Busters to friends and family. Permalink
Morris | November 30 2012
Our trainer explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to understand. Our dog is responding favorably. We observed very noticeable results right away. We were pleased with the natural/non physical training methods. It's very encouraging to see our dog respond to the training techniques we've been taught. The dog responded immediately to John and was a very different dog by the end of the session. Learning about passive influence was so informative and probably the most important thing we learned. John was wonderful and so helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Permalink
Galesburg | November 29 2012
I am very pleased with the whole training experience. Everything was explained to suit the needs of the three dogs that I have. It takes time and consistency. I liked that the trainer was able to come to the house to help my Mother with the whole process, for she was unable to go to the traditional training classes for dog training. Permalink
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Southbury | November 28 2012
I just wanted to let you know how well behaved my pack was. We had Scott's 3 children over for our 2nd Thanksgiving, Thursday evening. I knew around what time the kids were coming (3 different arrivals). I closed the dog door. Each time someone came they would knock at the door I would tell the dogs to sit and stay on their dog beds. After the person entered into the main part of the living room, and I had said "Hi" I would let them come say hi. The dogs did beautifully each time... It was wonderful. We also had a worker here all day Friday and Saturday installing two new doors. Peanut was very well behaved...Much Improvement. Thank you. Permalink