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Oakland Township | November 21 2011
It is a VERY SIMPLE TRAINING PROCESS that I believe will produce lasting results and that is WORTH EVERY PENNY! Tucker was a TOTALLY DIFFERENT DOG by the end of the session. He wanted to PLEASE US and stopped his bad behaviors. It is MUCH MORE FUN working with Tucker now that I know what his thought process is! Permalink
Clawson | November 21 2011
It was very hard to be around Zera sometimes because of her behavior. After one day, it was MUCH MORE PLEASANT to be with her! Permalink
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Naples | November 21 2011
One lesson made training very clear. I was so surprised at the results after the first lesson. June and Colin's training techniques were very clear and easy to understand. I would recommend Bark Busters and I have shared my experience and just how pleased I am. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | November 21 2011
After one, one hour lesson, my Doxie did not bark for two straight days! The natural techniques taught by Bark Busters are amazing! The training experience taught me everything I was doing before Bark Busters was conditioning my dog to behave worse. Thank you Patrick! Permalink
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Las Vegas | November 20 2011
After our beloved pomeranian died, my husband and I adopted a beautiful chihuahua mix from the NSPCA. He was classified as a special needs dog due to past abuse and had already been returned twice. He was very fearful and aggressive with an overactive need to guard any object or space in our home, sometimes for hours, growling and snapping. He had bit my husband and had tried to bite me. We did see glimmers of a normal happy dog every once in a while so we knew he wasn't hopeless. Even with our love and attention, after having him for about a year and a half, his behavior had escalated to the point that he had taken over the household. This is when we called Bark Busters Christine Hanley. She is amazing! After just a few visits our little guy is like a new dog; calm, happy, and interactive without being aggressive. She gave us the tools to redirect his behavior and teach him how to act appropriately with gentle non-physical correction and lots of positive reinforcement. We had been doing so many things wrong. We recommend Christine highly even for dogs that other people have given up on like ours. Thank you Christine! Permalink
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Las Vegas | November 20 2011
Christine is the best!!! Our German Shepherd had some aggression issues and in four sessions with Christine our GSD was doing fantastic. We are now able to manage his aggressive behavior easily and it occurs much less often. The more we work with him the better he/we get. Don't give up on your aggressive dog, Call Christine. She is awesome!!! Permalink
Orange Park | November 19 2011
It was extremely easy, and absolutley amazing!! Linda & James were great!! I would recommend Bark Busters without hesitation!! I can hardly put into words how I feel. My stress and the dog's stress has dropped considerably. Awesome Experience!! Permalink
Palm Coast | November 19 2011
We noticed results right away without doubt. We were most definitely pleased with the results. After some repetition, the experience became more and more enjoyable. We were delighted by the effectiveness of the training as it progressed. Permalink
Denver | November 18 2011
Very pleased with the natural training methods, and found them enjoyable and interesting. I will recommend Bark Busters to others. Excellent training -- I noticed results with Ryder and Sadie by the end of the first training session. Permalink
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Litchfield Park | November 18 2011
I do animal rescue and have found it difficult to train the dogs. Michelle came to my home and I was amazed at how she handled all of the pups. She is an exceptional trainer, very honest, and is an asset to your company. She showed and explained so many things to me that I was able to grasp many areas where I was not doing the correct procedure to keep the pups in tow and have them be civilized instead of in constant chaos. She showed me what to do and how to do it, and explained canine behavior in such a way that I was able to understand. I am in the process of doing what she said and so far so good. I am even learning how to growl and it works! Suprise! I have a way to go as I have 6 dogs. My last set of rescue dogs I used as therapy dogs, and I hope to do the same with these. Michelle is so optomistic, sincere and supportive. I really needed support also, which she graceously gave me as there are so many issues that evolve with rescued animals. I am learning to be the "pack leader",and that is new to me. Michelle explained it as parenting and it Clicked. Potty training is still the biggest issue, but I know that, too, will be resolved. Luckey for me that Michelle is in my area. She is the absolute BEST trainer I have ever worked with. Love her LOADS!!!! Permalink