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Crozet | January 10 2012
I have a Chesapeake Bay retriever, which happens to be one of the most stubborn breeds there is! I was having so much trouble with him barking whenever I sat down to do something (eat, computer, etc.), darting away from me, and just uncontrollable that I finally had to do something about it. I contacted Alison (as this is the only group I've found that doesn't train your dog with treats) and I had a new dog the first day! She is so patient and is wonderful with her training of me and my dog. He is only 8 months old and I've met with Alison 3 times and I can't say enough good things about her. It has really made a difference in our lives. You definitely need to try Bark Busters if you are having trouble with your dog! Permalink
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Naples | January 10 2012
Colin explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand, including some interesting points I'd never known, especially concerning respect. We observed noticeable results by the end of the first session; Archie was really starting to understand, tho still far to go. We were pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters, and especially that training is not food-based. We found the training experience to be very interesting and enjoyable; after watching June and Colin for a while it made us realize we could really do it. We would recommend Bark Busters, and are actually looking forward to practicing what we've learned before our next session. Permalink
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Ponte Vedra Beach | January 10 2012
I was amazed how quickly we saw changes that last! Permalink
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Cape Coral | January 09 2012
Stella, our Mastif, responded to the training immediately! Her behaviors and manners instantly improved. Patrick Logue with Bark Busters is a good instructor and brought humor into the lesson and helped us learn faster. With Bark Busters help and the training of us humans, we are now able to enjoy all of our dogs. Permalink
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Fruit Cove | January 09 2012
James Branch transformed two unruly Golden Retrievers of my nieces in a scant two & half hour session into managable pets. Permalink
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Paula W Albuquerque, New Mexico | January 07 2012
We are certain that we are one of Jim's most difficult clients. However his patient approach and willingness to move at a slower pace has worked well. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety, Toileting
Aurora | January 06 2012
Robin was very helpful--our dog was much more comfortable with us after the initial lesson. I was amazed how "different" Emma was with her. Excellent training. Permalink
Denver | January 06 2012
We immediately saw a change in our dog's behavior. I feel I learned quite a bit. We were pleased with the natural training techniques which were easy to follow and understand. We will recommend Bark Busters to our friends! Permalink
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Naples | January 06 2012
Some parts and results were amazing. Permalink
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Tucson | January 05 2012
I want to thank Gerard and Bark Busters for the excellent training and program that has helped me and my dog, Honey. My (adorable shelter) dog had grown very possessive and fearful of other people and dogs causing both her and me stress anytime we ventured out into the public. After our first session and with diligent homework practices, I noticed results within a week. Gerard also worked with our leash walking techniques (walking my dog is a joy again, not a constant battle of wills) and helping us with our first dog park visit. Both my dog and myself are more relaxed in public and at home and I attribute that to the gentle yet authoritative "pack" leader training that Bark Busters is known for. Gerard was worth every penny and I look forward to my continuing training with my dog and to see how much we can learn and grow together. I am comforted in knowing that I can call, e-mail or meet with Gerard for any additional training or questions that may arise in the future. I highly recommend Gerard and Bark Busters! Permalink