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Menomonee Falls | August 26 2011
I've learned something new after each session. Never knew the 'bah' command would bring about such a great response from my dogs! Nikki is great! I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. Nikki showed me how to 'read' my dogs much better and to pay attention to what certain signs mean. Permalink
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Muskego | August 26 2011
Nikki was professional and supportive with a common sense approach. Permalink
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Mequon | August 26 2011
In one week Abby was a changed dog. She listened and obeyed. Nikki explained everything clearly and I followed thru. Instead of piece meal and lots of money, she came and explained the problem, which my training lapse had caused. I was very impressed after one week. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Yonkers | August 26 2011
Mark was great in explaining the techniques in a way that was practical and easy to duplicate. Lily seemed as though she had been trained all along! It was pretty amazing! Again, the simplicity of these techniques makes it that much easier to continue working with Lily daily. The activities were quick, easy and effective! The benefits of this training is seen on a daily basis with Lily's improved behavior! Excellent experience with a good instructor!! Permalink
Aurora | August 25 2011
Robin, I just wanted to tell you thanks for a wonderful session. Griff is already doing better with how he acts around the house and is much calmer. Now he is well-behaved when I put him on the leash. Today we did the Canine Cancer Walk. As we were practicing our homework with the "bah", a gal beside me said, "Oh you're with Bark Busters, arent you?" I said yep and Griff and I each made a new friend. I was doing "bahs" and her dog (with only one session under his belt as well)--and both dogs listened and walked beside us. It was kind of funny--one "bah" got both pups to listen. Here's our picture from today. Good times! Thanks again! Permalink
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Sam P Grand Rapids, Michigan | August 25 2011
The training techniques were easy to understand- results were immediate. Breezy understands what is acceptable and what is not without the use of treats. I learned more in the first training lesson with Ken compared to standard dog training books. Price is fair and the results are amazing. Training is fun and enjoyable. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Puppy management
Waterford | August 24 2011
I would recommend Bark Busters to everyone!! Permalink
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Douglassville | August 24 2011
Wonderful experience with Donald Cohen and Bark Busters! Marley was pulling, jumping, barking and not responsive. As I am about to have my first baby, I wanted to have a dog who would be well behaved. Donald was very clear in the presentation of Bark Buster's methods and was willing to answer any and all questions effectively. Marley slowly became much more receptive to our directions over time. I find Bark Busters techniques to be a bit more time consuming for Marley to learn but also more effective over the long run. Permalink
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Atglen | August 24 2011
Donald Cohen from Bark Busters provided excellent examples of what we needed to work on with our dog, Thor. He addressed the specific issues we initially called about and helped us work on each exercise. We began quickly noticing positive changes in Thor's behavior as we consistently followed the techniques shown to us by Donald. Very few dog training programs are done in the home and offer the continuous support that Bark Busters does. Permalink
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Chicago | August 23 2011
Marlene and Howard - Thank you so much for your time on Saturday and for sharing your techniques! Khloe is responding so well. Coming home tonight was a real pleasure and so NOT stressful! She's actually listening to Paul as well - which just was not happening before. We are really looking forward to your return trip! Permalink