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Rockdale | November 14 2011
John has taught us so much about our dogs and their behaviors. He has been extremely patient with us and flexible in working around our busy schedules. With already having a house filled with an 8 year old border collie mix, two cats, and five children, bringing in two puppies(a Great Dane and German Shepherd) could have been disastrous for us. John helped us make sure it wasn't. We can't say enough great things about John and can't be happier that we made the call to Bark Busters! After training with John, we are confident that we will always have happy, well-behaved dogs. Permalink
Waunakee | November 14 2011
My wife and I have a 2½ year old Siberian Husky, named Pavlov, that we adopted from Adopt A Husky. He was found in the streets of Chicago and there was no information on where he came from or what he had been through. We had noticed that Pavlov had an issue with food aggression and being in the presence of other dogs. Pavlov would snarl at us if we came close to him while he was eating. When he would see another dog he would lunge, growl and bark like a maniac. Pavlov absolutely loves people and would roll over on his back to get his belly rubbed whenever he would meet someone. Greg informed us that Pavlov could be the author on "passive dominance" and that even though he was soooooo cute, he had to have more discipline and had to know that we are the pack leaders. Gregs methods worked very well with getting Pavlov to eat his food without snarling at us, breaking the cycle of him going belly up and then doing what we want and just general sits and stays when we needed him to. Pavlov use to lay between furniture, in corners or in his crate, but now he trusts us more, knows he is safe and will lay out on his bed, in the middle of the floor or under our legs with no issues. Pavlov sits and stays when visitors come, heels on walks and comes on command when he is outside. Due to the time of year (getting dark at 5) and us having very busy schedules we have not been able to work on Pavlov's behavior around other dogs that much. We plan on working with Greg in the spring and getting Pavlov to behave around other dogs. However, using some of Greg's techniques, we have been able to start getting Pavlov more comfortable around dogs we encounter on walks. Greg has helped us make Pavlov the absolute best dog in every way. Pavlov listens, sits and stays on command, comes when called and we believe Pavlov feels more secure and safe with us than he ever has before. Greg has done a great job and I would recommend him to anyone. THANKS GREG!!!! Permalink
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Allen | November 14 2011
For a first time dog owner, when our 3 months old puppy suddenly showed nibbling and growling aggression toward me, my husband, my 10 and 5 year old, I decided to call Bark Busters. Besides the nibbling issue, a puppy who loved to eat rabbit's poops like chocolate and wanted to play chase with our two pet rabbits, we definitely need a in-home trainer. When Meg demonstrated us how to train our puppy, she opened my eyes, I didn't know there is a way so efficient. After Meg left, we worked on the training, but a few weeks down, things falling apart again, our puppy started to show aggression and chasing the rabbits again. The training aid didn't work anymore, my puppy seemed to wait for me to throw the training aid on the ground and race for it, and played wild chase with me. Feeling hopeless again, I called Meg. Now my puppy is 5 months old, I can't say she is perfect and nibbling still exist, but she is a lot calmer than she was. When she forgets her rules, we just need to remind her and she remembers the rule. We can't be happier to know Meg and Bark Busters. For the first time dog owner, Meg and Bark Busters give us the confidence to correct the unwanted behavior and enjoy the companion of a dog. The only downside of it is my voice gets a bit scratchy if my puppy decides to choose to test my limits that day. I wish in the future Bark Buster will have something like a whistle to make the training even easier. :) Permalink
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St. Augustine | November 13 2011
James took the time to make sure we understood and demonstrated the proper techniques. He was willing to return as we need him. Permalink
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Redmond | November 12 2011
I contacted Jack as a result of my Boston Terrier who had been exhibiting aggression while on leash over the past year. I had tried another training technique, to no avail and really needed to get the behavior under control. Jack and I also identified some other behaviors that needed to be put in check, so we addressed those first. Within an hour and a half, our dog was a complete gentleman at the door, was no longer jumping up on us and was walking with a loose leash, as if had been doing this forever. The next step was to encounter dogs on leash and use the same techniques we had used to control the other behavior. To my sheer amazement, my dog was completely relaxed and under control with the very first dog we encountered. After a total of 2½ hours, our dog had transformed from a little guy with a lot of uncontrolled energy, which sometimes equated to aggression, to a complete gentleman. We have continued to practice the techniques each day and we have continued to gain more confidence with each outing. The great thing about Jack's training is there are no clickers or treats involved, no shouting, no pleading with the dog, etc. We utilize a strong command voice, with one command word (which seems to be the universal word for mom and dad are in control) and a special collar. In addition, we are coached to offer all kinds of praise when we get the desired response, which is very frequent. All three of us feel really good about our new formed pack. Thank you Jack for helping us out.......and it was so easy! Permalink
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Rick Hill | November 12 2011
Well.... all I can say about Bark Busters is BOW WOW. BOW to Christie Price for being a great trainer and WOW to the Bark Buster training program. Jasper,(Yorkie) was wearing me out barking at everything that moved. Now I can enjoy peace and quite and he listens to me when I correct him. thanks again Permalink
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Mahtomedi | November 11 2011
Steve is an excellent trainer and was very patient and clear with training instructions. Steve is very easy to be around and to work with. I would recommend this program because it is in the home where the dog lives and I felt my dogs got wonderful one-on-one training that a dog "class" doesn't always or usually provide. Permalink
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Lakeland | November 11 2011
Amazing how quickly both my dogs responded! Makes sense so it is easy to understand. I have numerous clients ask me about training concerns so it is nice to have personal experience with this method so I can refer them. Permalink
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Stillwater | November 11 2011
The training techniques were simple to understand. I really liked the fact that it was not a treat based technique. The instructor was very knowledgeable and confident. I have found the training to be very effective. Permalink
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Minneapolis | November 11 2011
Great to break it down to the canine behavior and thinking process. Think it is important to react to them like an alpha dog rather than a human's natural response. Your whole training program is with the dog in mind and they respond great to it. Steve Schaffel was very encouraging during the training session. I am very excited and happy to follow through with these training techniques. Thanks for all your help! Permalink