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Ormond Beach | October 27 2011
The training reinforced everything I had read, but I needed the hands on approach. I saw immediate results and I would highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone! Permalink
Jacksonville | October 27 2011
I noticed results right away! Permalink
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Plano | October 27 2011
Meg had her hands full with me as I still had memory of our last dog, who was extremely aggressive, in my head. At that time we hadn't heard of Bark Busters or Meg, I'm sorry to say. Had we heard of her, I'm certain we would still have Molly with us today. Our current 5 mo. old puppy, Snickers, was starting to show signs of aggression. With Meg's skillful guidance, support and education, Snickers' behavior improved dramatically in just the 1st lesson alone! Of additional importance, my fear level decreased markedly and I'm certain our family will be able to enjoy our puppy as the valued family member he is to us. Thank you Meg! Permalink
Denver | October 27 2011
We loved Robin. She was so helpful and answered all of our questions. We already have noticed a difference and are so excited! Permalink
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Livonia | October 26 2011
Toby behaves much better and is happier. His personality has changed quite a bit! I have gone through other training for other dogs and Bark Busters methods are much easier. Bark Busters method does require patience but in the long run is most effective. The training was fun for all of us! This system seems to require less effort and not a lot of yelling at the dog. Excellent scores in all regards. Permalink
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Canton | October 26 2011
I want all my friends to be Bark Buster trained!! We were happy to be trained by Maril. She was very knowledgeable and easy to learn from. Permalink
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Cedar Rapids | October 26 2011
We have a rottweiler/lab. mix that we got when he was almost 1yr. He was very exuberant, to say the least. He quickly became friendly with our family, but tentative around new people, especially men. We discovered Janie with Bark Busters on the internet. She has been able to help us zero in on problem behaviors. He is definitely a different and more controllable dog, today, than the day she first walked through the door. He is learning to walk more calmly on the leash, to sit and wait while I answer the door, to run free in our unfenced yard and come when called, and he loves the dog park. He is now two; we still have training we would like to do and she is always ready to help. We would strongly recommend Janie Fairchild to anyone. Permalink
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Newberg | October 26 2011
I learned a lot! Dick was very helpful! I am amazed at how effective a simple growling sound can be on my dog's behavior! Permalink
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Portland | October 26 2011
Very clear. Ginger was much more attentive to me. I'm not a fan of treat-based or negative punishment based training. I learned a lot. I'm looking forward to working on dog-to-dog aggression Permalink
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Coventry | October 25 2011
Jeri was personable and easy to understand. The first night after she left, Rocky slept through the night for the first time using the Bah, settle method. Prior to that he was up several times in the night barking. The sit/stay command is very powerful and gets his attention when he's acting rowdy. Permalink