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Ann Marie K Grand Rapids, Michigan | October 16 2012
Both dogs seemed to understand by the end of the first session. We are pleased with the training techniques! The dogs get it! It only makes sense- Dogs do not understand human communication so why train them any other way. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
Durham | October 15 2012
Our dog Sierra used to exhibit excessive aggression. She would bark and growl at visitors that came to our house. It was very scary and I had no idea what to do. We were expecting our second child in about 2 months so I wanted to get this problem addressed as soon as possible. Jerry showed us how to be Sierra's pack leaders using natural humane techniques. She picked up on the new pack dynamics very quickly. On command she now waits back away from the door until any guest comes in and are greeted. Then we give her the signal that she can come to the door and greet our guest in a well behaved manner. Thanks Jerry! Permalink
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Lexington | October 15 2012
Luca, the six-pound Pomeranian, was aggressive; he would attack without warning or apparent cause. He also did not like to be groomed or touched in general. We were very upset and frustrated by his behavior. After several visits from Bark Busters and trying different techniques, Luca is a new dog. Sue and Bruce were both wonderful and eager to help. We are very satisfied with the follow up visits and the results. We will continue to work with him and in the meantime, we will recommend Bark Busters to others. Permalink
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Columbia | October 15 2012
Hi Bruce!! I am so sorry this has taken me so long - I came back from Europe to a huge problem at work and am just now getting my head above water! KITA MADE IT TO EUROPE!! We drove to Atlanta so we could have a direct flight. I found a dog park to let her play there for a while before we went to the airport. I've attached the photo of what she did in the dog park an hour before we had to be at the airport - she found a mud pit about a foot deep and proceeded to bury herself in it. Lovely, right? Trevor cannot believe the difference in Kita. He says she is like a totally different dog than the dog he has known for the last 9 years. He has even threatened to take her to the vet to get blood work because he's convinced her drop in energy level cannot be this drastic! (She had blood work before she left and was fine) Kita no longer follows him everywhere, no longer nips at passersby, and no longer demands attention or sounds her 5:00 "walk me!" alarm. She still isn't crazy about the crate, but she has been successfully staying at home with no trying to escape. Trevor has even watched her via webcam from work, and he said all she does is lay around and sleep while he is at work. Sometimes she's even in the same spot as when he left earlier in the day. Kita also now allows strangers to come up to Trevor without barking or growling. I cannot thank you enough for your expertise. Kita seems so relaxed and happy. She now spends her time sniffing stuff, sleeping and looking for treats. She acts like a normal dog instead of one who is controlling and demanding. She actually behaves, and strangers have commented on how well behaved she is. While I was there, Kita happily rode on the subway, on a train, got in and out of taxis, and even rode on the escalator - all with no hesitation as long as she was with Trevor or I. You did a great job helping me out in such a short period of time. I can't thank you enough!!! I feel like the mom who's kid just went from being a regular in the principal's office to an honor student! Permalink
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Ansonia | October 14 2012
Jack and Anna, I know you can't read this, but FB should know that was the BEST and most civil walk EVER! Anna, you heel like a champ and Jack, well, you are always civil on the walk. If you have ever walked my dogs or seen me try to, you know what a challenge she is. After one additional session with Bark Busters Southern Connecticut , she heels perfectly!" Permalink
Mount Vernon | October 12 2012
Janie is a fantastic true trainer and excellent handler instructor for me. Beau Ray, an-over-the-top exuberant and sometimes can respond a bit agressive Rott-mix, is a puff ball around Janie. She has been able to teach me too, not only to win Beau over, but for him to respect my wishes and act on my commands. She took time from her lunch and met Beau and me at the vet's to help calm Beau. I am so grateful (and amazed) that these women can be so "calm and yet firm" to get Beau's attention and compliance. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | October 12 2012
We will definitely recommend Bark Busters. It was amazing what Patrick accomplished in just one visit. The Bark Buster method is very effective and very humane. Within hours we both felt our dogs were already responding. My wife and I were very pleased and feel we would have paid much more for the great service and response. Wish we had done this sooner! Permalink
Goose Creek | October 11 2012
In my opinion, Michelle is like a "dog whisperer". Such small changes, such HUGE results! Permalink
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Fort Myers | October 11 2012
Patrick was great, informative and patient. I couldn't believe in 2 hours such a big improvement with my Dalmatian. I had a new Stella! The lesson was a great experience. Bark Busters is a great program! Permalink
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Naples | October 11 2012
June and Colin were exceptional at explaining our problem and we were amazed at the difference in Casey with just one lesson. I will recommend them at every chance I get. Thank you. Permalink