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Naples | February 16 2011
Colin and June did an excellent job helping us with Lovee and Bailey. We saw major improvements. We are optimistic for the future and behavioral problems we had to eventually go away. Thank You. Permalink
Lockport | February 16 2011
Our trainer could not have been any clearer as far as what we needed to do. It was simply amazing. It was astounding at how different our dogs were after just one training session. We were absolutely pleased with the natural/non-physical training techniques. John is amazing. John trained us as well as our dogs. Bark Busters is the only company I would suggest. After a bad experience with another dog training company, John was top notch! Permalink
Lockport | February 16 2011
John is very easy to talk to and a good listener. He was able to address my concerns and demonstrate results before the end of the session. I have already recommended Bark Busters to a friend. Permalink
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Hillsboro | February 16 2011
Dick appears to have dog training down to a fine art. We would not hesitate to recommend him in the future. There was a lot of information to absorb all at once. However, it was clear and concise. Bailey was sitting and staying for much longer than before. My dog definitely responded to Dick's growling, which was impressive! It all makes sense when considered from the dogs' point of view. The second day we all enjoyed ourselves. Permalink
James Island | February 15 2011
James was excellent! We saw an immediate difference on mouthing, jumping and walking on the leash that continues to improve with our consistency and leadership. The whole process was interesting and enjoyable - would highly recommend this service. Permalink
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Madison Heights | February 15 2011
Lisa took time to explain WHY Casey was doing the things he was doing, and how he understood [us]. The techniques given to us were so easy and way more effective. By the end of our appointment, Casey STOPPED barking, jumping up and he learned to stay back from the door! THE RESULTS WERE AMAZING! Permalink
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Warren | February 15 2011
Abbott was able to catch on VERY QUICKLY. It's very easy to understand the plan. Permalink
Rochester Hills | February 15 2011
Scout was a different dog! He [became] very enjoyable to be around, and not so ANNOYING! Permalink
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Marco Island | February 15 2011
Because Laddie is only 3 months old, I was amazed at how quickly he responded. These excellent natural training techniques are easy to understand and the results are amazing. Permalink
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Humble | February 15 2011
I am so happy with the results of the training that John and Lexi provided. Hank has always had a special place in my heart but now I think everyone in the family sees him differently. He is a changed dog. When I called John & Lexi, we were at the end of our rope and didn't know what to do about Hank's aggressive and needy behaviors. He was definitely the pack leader. Now, we have the skills to teach Hank in a way that he understands. I couldn't have asked for more :) Permalink