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Naples | August 14 2010
Great system that really works! Permalink
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Judie D Grand Rapids, Michigan | August 14 2010
Excellent techniques were introduced to Myles and me. With a lot of practice we have really improved our behavior and our partnership..Love the system! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall
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Lake Oswego | August 13 2010
Lisa explained the program very well. You could tell she knows dogs and was interested in Violet's training. Violet responded well to the "bah" growl immediately. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques and found that it's as much about owner-training as dog-training. I was very impressed with both the Holzer's response and the overall training. Permalink
Lake Orion | August 13 2010
The information John gave us is priceless! [It was] very easy to understand, and he explained why it was done that way in "canine" so it made it easier for us. We were thinking human, not canine! I'm very happy we decided on Bark Busters, and Storm (Siberian husky/pit bull) is as well! We have suggested to a number of people already! Permalink
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Wilmington | August 12 2010
I was very tense about the training, wondering if it would work with my aggressive dog. I was much calmer at the end of the training session. After the first session, I felt much more confident that other people will be safe around our dog. It is going to be more work for me than my husband, because Rudy (German shorthaired pointer) and I have many more bad habits to break. I am up for the challenge and just have to be patient and consistent. I would recommend Bark Busters to friends and family. Permalink
Joliet | August 12 2010
We appreciated that John took the leashes and demonstrated the techniques with the dogs before asking us to do it. We saw that Rana needed to know we are in charge. That, however, cannot be completely remedied in three hours. While these techniques are great and do work, practice makes perfect, and it is a lot of consistent practice and application that makes it successful. After four days, the dog is far from perfect, but we have seen noticeable positive changes. Overall, we are very pleased with Bark Busters' natural/humane training techniques. Either my dog is obstinate or our old method, the "snap," is a silly and ineffective motivator. If she was in the wrong mood, our old methods wouldn't even break her focus. John was very willing to talk about our dogs' issues and explaining why they do what they do. He was not concerned about his time, but rather our understanding. Permalink
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Naples | August 12 2010
Patrick was very helpful. I found the training went well instantly with my Yorkie, Buttons. Permalink
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-Shorafa | August 12 2010
9.5 out of 10! We recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
Fitchburg | August 12 2010
Greg Reetz is a remarkable trainer. He's great with my dog, upbeat, and terrific at showing me how to observe my dog's behavior before it becomes a problem. My dog has always been nervous and shy. She becomes easily disturbed by loud noises, strangers and other dogs. Her response to any strange situation has been to raise her hackles, bare her teeth, and bark viciously. She once even bit a relative on the dark stairway to our basement. Greg showed us that her behavior was fear rather than aggression, and that she was filling the leadership vacuum left by us. Moreover, he said she was miserable being leader. As we developed a greater understanding of how to communicate leadership, we could see her relax and smile in moments that would have panicked her in the past. Greg showed my spouse and me how to be on the same page with our handling of our dog, as well. Knowing that both of us would be consistent with her is helping her to relax even more. Greg also has a great arsenal of training tools for both inside and outside the house, and he is superb at demonstrating how to use them correctly. Ask him about the water bombs!! They're the most amazing attention-getters I've ever seen! I highly recommend Greg Reetz. He's helped us reveal the sweet girl that my dog really is. Permalink
West Ashley | August 11 2010
Michelle explained everything thoroughly in a way we could understand. It was like a light bulb went off in our heads and everything our dogs were doing now made sense! We had our dogs paying attention to us, not controlling us, which is hard to do with a beagle and basset hound and at 3 and 8 years old. We really enjoyed our sessions because we saw results, and Michelle made it fun with no harsh methods! Jackson has been so much happier since we began our training! We never realized that our lack of proper leadership provided such anxiety to him and was contributing to his aggressive behavior. He no longer needs to be the leader and is behaving much better. Anyone who wants happier dogs and humans should call Bark Busters! Permalink