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Stratford | May 12 2010
The flip chart presentation was helpful in me retaining the information my trainers presented. We have already recommended Bark Busters! The change we have already seen in our dog is proof-it works! Permalink
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Mrs V Kernersville, North Carolina | May 12 2010
My dog Maggie had been to classes and still would not come when I called her and she would run out my front door every chance she got. I worked with Amy a few months ago and the difference in Maggie is nothing short of a miracle. On day one she did not run at the door. I admit I slipped a bit on follow up with Maggie, but Amy helped get me back on track and Maggie has not run to the door in weeks. She looks, but does not rush to my door. She comes when I call her, even when she is in the backyard interested in the birds. I never thought I would see her listen the way she does. Amy makes it simple to understand how to teach your dog and the education that comes with her training is incredible and interesting. I got so much bad advice in the past and now I understand how Maggie thinks. I can relate to her and she is so much more relaxed and happy. This training should be on TV! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling
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Brighton | May 11 2010
Amazing what a little growl will do. It's only been three days, but we are seeing an amazing change already! Excellent therapist explanations, results, natural training techniques, and training experience. Permalink
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Ozark | May 11 2010
Stan really helped us see how a dog sees the world, which made his techniques make so much sense-no wonder they work so well! Permalink
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Itasca | May 11 2010
I have a little, 3-pound Yorkie. I was having a problem with her going outside to go to the bathroom when it was raining. I was referred to Chris-she was wonderful, dogs truly are her passion. I started to do all the things she told me to do, and it works so well. And also the Buster's Secret urine stain and odor spray works so, so well; I would highly recommend it. Thank you for all your help and the passion you had with my little girl. Permalink
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Mamaroneck | May 10 2010
My husband and I went with Bark Busters on a friend's suggestion when Sadie was about 6 months old. As she got older and BIGGER (she's now a 90-pound Doberman) we started having issues with her we never had when she was a puppy. Mark came back to us recently and re-explained everything to us and showed us how we were making mistakes that led to these issues that needed correcting. In just a day, we saw remarkable changes in Sadie. The key is to keep up consistently with everything Mark says to do, and you will be amazed how the repetitiveness pays off. We are already so much happier, and just knowing Mark is just a phone call or a visit away makes it that much better! Permalink
Rochester Hills | May 10 2010
We are very happy with our decision to contact Bark Busters! Permalink
Rochester Hills | May 10 2010
Animals need to have direction and love, and this program provides both. This came along "just in time." I was starting to think, "What have I done?" [Now], Riley is a joy! Permalink
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Las Vegas | May 08 2010
We cannot thank Christine enough for the training our dog JJ received. We were owners who were not enjoying our dog because of his behavior. Christine showed us what we were doing wrong, and JJ has been nothing but a complete joy now. He has responded to training so well and actually enjoys his homework. When I first called Christine, I was in tears as I wasn't sure what to do about JJ. She showed us patience and was so friendly to be around. I am amazed at JJ's improvements, and he has become the dog we have always wanted. Thank you Christine! Permalink
Trainer note from Christine : First Lesson was on 4/3/10. They posted this review on 5/8/20.
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Seattle | May 07 2010
David Wiley is a great trainer. He is great with dogs and their owners, and it was a GREAT experience! Permalink