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Abington | April 17 2011
We now have peace in our home. Our dog gets along with our cat. Permalink
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Wyncote | April 17 2011
Initially, we had difficulty with Tyson entering the car. This difficulty disappeared after just a few techniques. We now have no trouble at all. It is easy to follow Mike's instructions. Permalink
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Mt. Pleasant | April 16 2011
Michelle made it all simple, informative and easy to understand. She was patient with my questions and comments throughout. I was so excited to see all four dogs behaving like ladies & gentlemen at the front door. I saw results so quickly! Thank you Michelle! We can't wait to see you again! Permalink
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Vet Tech | April 16 2011
James was very thorough and made everything very easy to understand. By the end of the first session I was able to have my three dogs go to their place while James came to the door. When he first knocked on the door I was unable to get them to come away from it or stop barking! I was amazed at the quick response and how small changes in my actions worked - AMAZING! I will recommend Bark Busters to anyone with regardless of breed, age or problem because their philosophy is so wonderful. I was unaware of how stressed my dogs actually were and now I see how much more relaxed and calm they are. Permalink
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Goose Creek | April 16 2011
Nice to work with and instant results are noticed with our 7 year old Mini Dachsunds! Permalink
Folly Beach | April 16 2011
Michelle is great with Moses - He is a rowdy, headstrong fellow - we love him! Permalink
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Runnemede | April 15 2011
This is nothing short of a miracle. My neighbors who first acquired Reilly had real problems with him trying to run away. He often took off and it took several people to hunt him down and carry him back (one of the main reasons that I finally became Reilly's owner). His penchant for taking off was one of the many reasons that I turned to Bark Busters. As you know, I am a huge fan of Kurt Schroeder already. And, I have only been working with Reilly half the time lately on his training. Tonight, while I was at work, one of the sitters who watches my handicapped sister, was letting Reilly out to do his business, and he slipped out of her reach, squeezed through the fence and took off. But, here is the miracle, he never went further than the front yards of the neighboring 4 houses. He kept running up to the front of my house, but she couldn't get him to come in. After about 40 minutes of this, a neighbor helped her corral Reilly back into the backyard. By this time, I came home as she was trying to get him to come in from the backyard. I only had to call him twice and he came right to me. That in itself was miracle, seeing as he had been running for almost an hour. The major miracle is that he didn't take off as he used to do. If that had happened 8 months ago, he would have been long gone. The fact that he stayed close to the house all that time says to me that, while he was taking advantage of some freedom, he knew enough that he was safe here to stay close by. Believe me when I tell you that, for Reilly, this was a huge accomplishment. I praised him and hugged him because his knowing enough to come back to my house was a major accomplishment in his training and development. Thanks again, Kurt! Permalink
Dwight | April 15 2011
My trainer was very pleasant and reinforced everything I needed to do. There were just too many dogs (four) to deal with at one time to see a lot of results, but they are making good progress. John reinforced some of what I knew, but was too frustrated to deal with. He helped me break down the issues into manageable tasks. I needed more guidance to deal with all the barking. I would recommend John Sullivan and Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Lincoln Park | April 15 2011
Maril was very patient with us - we were the ultimate spoilers. It was an awesome first session! We busted his bark in the first visit! We recommended Bark Busters to our daughter for her bark-crazy girl dog. The training isn't harmful and is easy to do. We had to laugh at ourselves, all our dog was hearing was "blah blah, blah - good dog." Permalink
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lisle | April 15 2011
Two months ago prior to working with Connie, if someone knocked on my patio door my rescue shepard mix Holden would bark viciously and was totally out of control. When Connie knocked @ the door earlier this week Holden ran quietly to the other side of the room and sat silently while I opened the door. Connie knows what she is talking about and it works if you are willing to put in the time practicing every day. Holden has responded so well and is a much happier dog now without confusion over which one of us is in charge. Connie is professional, supportive and passionate about what she does. Thank you so much Connie for helping me make a better life for Holden and I. Permalink