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Clermont | August 05 2008
Jim explained the techniques clearly and Daisy has responded well to the training. We have already told our neighbor who is having trouble with their dog to call Bark Busters. Jim did his job well! Thanks! Permalink
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Oakland | August 05 2008
Jim did a great job teaching and training us to train our dog, Charlie. It was extremely educational and also very fun! If we stay consistent with the techniques Jim taught us, our home should become a much more quiet place. Permalink
Denver | August 04 2008
I am completely impressed with the Bark Busters philosophy and training techniques! I want to tell everyone who lives with dogs who have problems or not so they can have happier and healthier dogs. Permalink
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Loveland | August 04 2008
My husband and I were so frustrated with our three dogs, we considered giving two up for adoption! We were very excited to hear about Bark Busters. Carol came and spent most of a full day working individually with us and each dog. Carol has been back to follow up and we stay in phone contact; she has been a great support to us and the dogs. We could see improvement that same day. We now are in control and not the dogs. We are all much happier. Thank you so much, Carol and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Rockledge | August 04 2008
Very impressed with the first few hours of training which had immediate results! Permalink
Warren | August 04 2008
We had a lot of fun with the trainer and the dogs! Results were amazing! Permalink
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Troy | August 04 2008
We were afraid that we were going to have to get rid of our dog. Lisa came to our house and was very easy to understand and went over anything and everything we asked. We were surprised by how simple the training methods were. Our dog was listening and responding!! Permalink
Rochester | August 04 2008
Lisa did an excellent job explaining the whole "instinctive pack mentality." It was so interesting to see such immediate change in Charlie's behavior. It was AMAZING! Permalink
Madison Heights | August 04 2008
Lisa had a great personality. She was very easy to work with. I love the care and accountability Bark Busters provides. Permalink
Lake Orion | August 04 2008
It helps you relate to your dog on a level they can understand. It was amazing to see Bodie respond so well to the techniques Lisa showed me! It really works when applied consistently! Permalink