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Denver | April 09 2012
Robin was great! We were very surprised how quickly we saw results. Bark Buster's training techniques make a lot of sense and are easy to use. We had lots of fun during the training! Permalink
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Morris | April 08 2012
John was very thorough and made us feel comfortable when we were doing the training. We observed results. Bailey was much more focused on us. We were pleased with Bark Busters natural/humane training methods. They were very easy to learn and understand. It's only been a week and we can see changes in Bailey. She respects us more. Permalink
Joliet | April 08 2012
Since the visit we have seen a change in Bubba's behavior. We still have a ways to go, but we work with Bubba every day. I really enjoyed working with John Sullivan. Permalink
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Palm Harbor | April 08 2012
I have never trained a dog before and Cathy and Jeff made it so easy for me I could even teach my husband the training techniques as he was not able to attend the sessions. Our dogs became more relaxed and Happy after our first session. Cathy and Jeff taught us that we need to be the leaders and when we are not the dogs are stressed out. I love that the techniques are non-physical, but mental. I believe my dogs enjoy the training sessions. I've already recommended Bark Busters! Even our friends and family notice a change after our first session with Jeff and Cathy! Thank you Jeff and Cathy for giving us the tools to teach our pets and most importantly allow us to give them a happy and healthy life!! Permalink
West Des Moines | April 07 2012
Deb is a miracle worker. We saw results immediately. Our collie was a pacing barking mess when Deb first arrived. A couple hours later he was calm, quiet and he stayed that way for a number of days. Deb left us with some insight, some training and a few tools to help us. During the 2 weeks on our own we made some progress and were really ready for Deb's follow up visit--and so was our collie--he was going to show all of us that no one was the boss of him and that he could bark like a crazy dog and drag us down the street. Deb was patient, kind and determined and the Bark Busters training methods are brilliant. We thought we'd never get our dog to behave. This system works and Deb is a fabulous coach. Best money we ever spent. Permalink
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Naples | April 07 2012
We enjoyed working with Colin and June. Bags seemed to respond well to their techniques and was a lot calmer by the end of the session! Permalink
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Summerville | April 06 2012
What a difference James has made with our 1 year old cocker spaniel, Sophie! Sophie had been in 3 other homes before she came to us. Their were no ground rules set or time spent with her. When we got her she was very food aggressive. My husband wanted to give her up for fear of a lawsuit. After two sessions and working with her, Sophie is a totally different dog! My husband can't believe she's the same dog! She's calmer and happier and so are we! This program DOES work! James is always available for questions and reinforcement! Thank you for all your help, James!! Permalink
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Naples | April 06 2012
Colin was wonderful. Very clear in his information. He understands dogs and how to communicate with them. We were very impressed that our 134 point Havanese became about a 40 with one training session. We look forward to further improvement as we work with Pearl. Permalink
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Cortlandt Manor | April 05 2012
Mark is very knowledegable and communicates the training very well. I was very impressed with how well it changed Milo's behavior and quickly reduced his barking. It's very simple to understand and remember. Very effective. Permalink
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Shakopee | April 05 2012
After the first session Mason was already more attentive to our commands. Bark Busters techniques are a humane way to train and worked very well for us. We enjoy our time with Mason even more now. Permalink