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Channahon | April 04 2011
John was extremely patient, very thorough and re-addressed all questions that we were unclear on until we understood them completely. I was amazed that John got the results I had been working on for over a month within ten minutes of his arrival. I'm all about positive and natural reinforcement. I was extremely pleased with Bark Busters training techniques. The training experience was very enjoyable, especially seeing results so quickly and watching Elvis respond so rapidly. I would recommend John Sullivan and Bark Busters Dog Training in a heart beat. In fact, I've already made two phone calls this afternoon to people waiting to see if I was pleased with the results. Have you ever been around someone that seemed they were meant to be in a position? That's John. He is absolutely fantastic and knowing that I can call him any time if I have any questions is a quality that I am truly grateful for. Permalink
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Averill Park | April 04 2011
Rachel was very patient in explaining techniques. I was amazed to see my 3 year old Lab finally walk with a loose leash. I have wanted to have my dog walk without a prong collar. The voice command Rachel taught me worked. I have already recommended Bark Busters - my trainer put me at ease when I was anxious about this new experience! Permalink
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Wilton | April 04 2011
Very easy to understand. My dog's response to doorbell ringing has turned around 100%! Permalink
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Delmar | April 04 2011
Rachel did an excellent job with training techniques and visual displays. Casey responded very well to certain commands by the end of the session. We saw results immediately. Should have used Bark Busters a long time ago. Permalink
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Clarksburg | April 04 2011
Jim was extremely knowledgeable, understanding and made the training enjoyable, the "bah" technique was great! Permalink
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Seymour | April 04 2011
The methods are effective and make sense. Really appreciated the 3 weeks between sessions to give us time to work with our dog. Permalink
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League City | April 03 2011
What Connie was able to do in a few hours, no other trainer has been able to do. I didn't think I would ever be able to allow strangers in my home again or control the excessive barking outside. Everyone is amazed at what she has done with my dog from the first day. I am extremely grateful that I found her. Permalink
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Prospect | April 02 2011
Both Vicki and Richard are patient and very focused on helping us succeed! Permalink
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Downingtown | April 02 2011
I was initially skeptical about using Alan's technique to stop my dog from chasing cars because I thought it wouldn't work, however, I was happily surprised when it did work! Alan was very kind and enthusiastic about the training. We were very comfortable with him. Knowing that we have this training service for life is very reassuring. Permalink
Aspen | April 02 2011
When we got our first puppy Winston, we thought it would be a good idea to enlist some help in the training. Julie from Bark Busters was very attentive to our needs with Winston. She taught us how to train him and how to communicate with him. All of her help was incredible and if we ever have an issue again we would not hesitate to call her. Thanks! Permalink