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San Rafael | July 27 2010
Karen Gaines from Bark Busters has been for my blind dog what Annie Sullivan was for Helen Keller: extraordinary and life changing. I met Karen Gaines at a pet adoption fair. I was toting a 10-year-old foster dog I'd been caring for who was blind, nervous about people (especially men), had a barking problem and was also having accidents in my house. Her fear and her blindness made her bark at everything, likely compounded by the fact that she'd been living an isolated life in someone's backyard 24/7. Karen spoke to me for a few minutes, and her insights and suggestions made me realize that I'd been doing everything wrong! It was my first experience with a blind dog, and I immediately knew that Karen Gaines would be this little dog's big chance to actually get a forever home. To add to the pot, I had my own little dog, so I wondered how the little blind dog would know that any behavioral corrections meant HER and not my own dog. Karen's kindness, patience and consistency were inspiring. It was more than training the dog, as I needed training, too. And get this: On the first session she even had the little dog going up and down a ramp which butted up to the doggie door which soon allowed her access to the yard by herself-voila! No more accidents. The end of the story is that I adopted little Peggy Sue myself, and she is now 13. What started out as, "What have I gotten myself into?" ended up being, "How did I ever live without this little dog?" Seeing what she has become has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life-and I couldn't have done it without Karen Gaines. Karen has been back on occasion for follow-up visits, and she is prompt about returning calls and about making appointments. I can't recommend her enough. Permalink
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Kennett Square | July 26 2010
Mr. Alan is extremely patient, very friendly, and it was very easy to learn from him. We looked forward to his visits. For once they are listening and responding to me-what a huge change! I wasn't sure what techniques were used, but was really surprised to see that harsh techniques or stuffing them with treats wasn't used! We really enjoyed our sessions! The dogs continue to respond to the techniques we were taught. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Alan and Ms. Karen to my friends and neighbors! Without a doubt! We ordered pizza tonight, not only did they stay where they were told but NO barking! That is Bark Busters at work! Permalink
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Danbury | July 26 2010
Tom seems highly experienced in this field. He explained the natural and pleasing techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. My dog showed favorable results by the end of just one two-hour lesson. I recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
Denver | July 26 2010
The training techniques were explained in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Whenever I needed more help, Robin was eager and available to meet me. I saw results that mirrored how stringently I followed Robin's advice-which was a great motivator. I was really surprised that Max didn't and doesn't need more forceful corrections-I always avoided them because they made me feel so mean! I definitely found the training to be interesting and enjoyable. I now am so proud to walk and run with my dog. I love working with him, and this training has improved the quality of my dog's life so much. I recommend Bark Busters as this training was very effective. Permalink
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Torrance | July 26 2010
I had no idea that the mild-mannered dog I had agreed to foster, and who hid in the bushes the entire first night, would turn out to be fear aggressive with an attacking response. Sue is remarkably gifted with the ability to give a quick and accurate assessment of an issue, and has great communication skills. The result of the time she spent with us was Madison's adoption by just the right person. Permalink
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Hermosa Beach | July 26 2010
By the end of the first session, Lucy was already acting SO much better! My ADHD dog actually can listen! I was amazed. Permalink
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Redondo Beach | July 26 2010
Sue has a great way of explaining the techniques and correcting what I may be doing wrong to improve Bella's performance. After the first few sessions, I feel more confident with Bella; and I like knowing that I have a working relationship with Sue. Permalink
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Hawthorne | July 26 2010
The Bark Busters training techniques are easy to implement, and Sue integrated them with our specific needs for our dog. The hands-on attention makes all the difference. Sue has been a tremendous help, and we have seen a noticeable difference in Roscoe's response to us. Permalink
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Compton | July 26 2010
Choo Choo was easier to handle after Sue implemented the training techniques; and I was pleased that they weren't violent or punishing. Sue was very patient with me and my pet. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | July 21 2010
Patrick seems highly experienced in this field. He explained the natural and pleasing techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. All four of our dogs reacted well and showed favorable results by the end of just one two-hour lesson. We recommend Bark Busters. Permalink