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Kathryn H Gurnee | November 18 2010
Basic common sense to training. Based on understanding dogs and how they think. The "bah" sound even worked in the car, right away. I bark and Oliva stops. Permalink
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Mindy L Buffalo Grove | November 18 2010
Mary did an excellent job of going over the techniques. Payton responded immediately to direction in some of the areas we were having concerns. The natural technique follows our own personal philosophy. We giggled a lot and found the sound technique to be very interesting at how quickly Payton responded to the Grrr.... We've been sharing our experiences with others already. Mary has followed up with us and it is a work in progress with Payton! Permalink
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Pat M Long Grove | November 18 2010
Mary is very patient with her students! Both dogs responded to the training - but one is very stubborn! We both had fun and found the training very interesting. We've already recommended three friends. Mary is an excellent teacher - easy to understand and follow. Permalink
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Judy B Grayslake | November 18 2010
Practice, practice, practice. Having in home training allowed for Mary to help me get it right, we both benefited (Annie and me). Although the Bah command does not come natural for humans, Annie really responds to it and knows it's for her, which helps when you have small children and you find yourself saying no all the time. It's a nonviolent training technique that puppies respond to....the key is consistency and making them use their brains to make good choices. It does work. Permalink
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Cory & Dawn B Buffalo Grove | November 18 2010
Very pleased, Mary was through and provided tons of great exercises. I was skeptical of the "bah", but I'm walking away very impressed with how it works. It was great to see Daisy react quickly and I LOVE the guarantee. Mary was incredibly personal and also candid in training us as well as the dog. Permalink
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Pam & Irene B Lake Villa | November 18 2010
Mary answered all of our questions and provided pictures and handouts. Results....yes! Both dogs DID NOT rush the front door, which was a big issue at first. Frito was walking great on leash and really listened to our commands. I didn't expect results so quickly and without hands on corrections, it was AMAZING! We got a lot of good tips and advise, interesting, helpful information, we smiled and laughed through 3/4 of the training. I have tried other trainers and methods but nothing seemed to really work. I love Bark Busters methods and the dogs respond! It actually works. Permalink
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Lori M Round Lake Beach | November 18 2010
Front door training was excellent. I look forward to having guests. Very effective methods. I noticed a big change in Fritter with each segment of training. I can't wait to work with Fritter and take him to fun places we can both enjoy. Permalink
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Cathy M Hawthorn Woods | November 18 2010
All techniques were very simple and common sense. We were absolutely amazed!! Incredible results and we look forward to more in the future. We really liked that it worked with praise rather than physical corrections. Permalink
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Macedonia | November 17 2010
Our dogs, Jack a 3yr old Havanese and Rocky a 4 year old Black Lab/Border Collie mix, were typically very lovable, but had a lot of bad habits. This includes absolutely out of control behavior when guests came over, jumping and barking and making it impossible to greet our guests. They also scratched at the door, pulled on the leash for walks, etc. After our first session with Kathy and Betsy, they were able to enlighten us as to who was in charge. Of course, it was the 10 lb Havanese, with what I like to call a Napoleon complex. Kathy and Betsy were able to teach very quickly how to alter our behavior in order to get the desired behavior from our dogs. The results were astounding and virtually immediate. We still need to apply the techniques we learned, but things are so much more peaceful in our home! It was money well spent. Outstanding job! Permalink
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Des Moines | November 17 2010
Excellent training. Deb explained the techniques several times. We saw noticeable results by the end of the first lesson and are already seeing improvement after only a few days of practicing. We would recommend Bark Busters to others needing help with their dog. Permalink