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Troy | January 04 2011
After only one session, all four of my dogs are responding. It's a MIRACLE! Permalink
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Bridgeport | January 03 2011
Our training with Tom was excellent. Our Dog, Baron, is now behaving. Tom explained everything in a way we all understood. I would definitely recommend Bar Busters. Permalink
Royal Oak | January 03 2011
Almost IMMEDIATE results! Our dog's habits changed for the better ever since the first session. VERY IMPRESSED so far in first few weeks of training! Permalink
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Thomasville | January 02 2011
What a joy! Leigh Ann's expertise and genuine compassion have made training our standard poodle puppy easy and fun. I think she almost has us trained too (that was her biggest challenge)! We thoroughly enjoy our training sessions with Leigh Ann and fully believe they are helping us have a happy, well-behaved 4-legged member of our family. Permalink
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New Baltimore | December 31 2010
I have learned a lot of information that will allow me to provide leadership to my dog. I could not believe the improvement in our very 1st session. I liked that there were no treats, no clickers, no pinch collars and no choke collars. I enjoyed our training session and I look forward to our next visit. I have told Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue about John and Bark Busters and what a great trainer John is. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | December 31 2010
Patrick Logue of Bark Busters of Southwest Florida did an excellent job explaining the natural, pleasing training techniques. Within one, two hour lesson, my dogs calmed down and actually listened to me. I absolutely recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training. Permalink
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Fort Myers | December 31 2010
Our trainer explained the natural, pleasing training techniques. While we had to cut our first lesson short, I look forward to our next lesson with Patrick Logue and Bark Busters of Southwest Florida. Permalink
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Fort Myers | December 31 2010
Patrick was very patient and funny. I recommend Bark Busters of Southwest Florida. I am glad treats are not used, treat training leads to chubby puppies. In just one, two hour lesson we were able to stop our barking, jumping and bolting out the front door problems. At first, barking at our dog seemed strong, but it really works! The lesson was interesting and enjoyable! Permalink
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Louisville | December 31 2010
I LOVE Bark Busters. Before we worked with Doug, my Beagle Katy would become a demon dog whenever I left the house. I also worried about how to best train her because her previous owner abused her, so I wanted a trainer who would be especially sensitive and gentle with her. As soon as I started using Bark Busters' methods to help give her healthy boundaries, my very quiet and laid back (sometimes fearful) Katy learned to be happy and content-even when I'm not there. It also helped bring a lot of trust to our relationship. Doug not only helped me teach Katy to be independent, but his simple explanations and encouragement gave me the skills I needed to be the leader in our home while building Katy's confidence. Thanks to Doug and Bark Busters! You guys are the best! Permalink
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Teresa U Raleigh, North Carolina | December 31 2010
I appreciate Mrs. Warner coming to the Wake County Animal Shelter to help him, otherwise he would have been killed. Some treats may help him learn faster. Permalink
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Trainer note from Sonja : Buddy/Daddy is an adult male pit bull who was left in a back yard chained up, no shelter, barely any food or water. He had never received any training and therefore learning basic commands were not possible yet. I had to take a step back and start earning his trust first. He walked well on a leash, let me look in his mouth and ears, and had no problem being touched anywhere on his body including his feet and hind end. Great dog.