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Mount Prospect | August 31 2010
Our dog has made such nice progress working with Brad only two times. He had serious aggression issues when I first called Bark Busters. Brad met with us, and had a thorough discussion of behaviors our pet was demonstrating. Then he met our dog, and immediately started making humane corrections. I am so impressed with how effective the natural training techniques are. I love learning how to train our dogs, and Brad is so nice; even when we make errors he corrects us graciously. The next day I noticed considerable improvements when I worked with him. He walked on a leash without barking at everything, and recognized his place in our family. He was no longer in charge. The second visit resulted in our dog walking so nicely on-leash. It is a pleasure to walk him now. Brad helped us with his aggression to other dogs, and now he is living happily with another family dog! I am so happy I phoned Bark Busters and Brad. His expertise with dogs has improved our dog's quality of life and ours! He is amazing!! Permalink
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Spartanburg | August 31 2010
Larry provided excellent service, by presenting the Bark Busters techniques clearly and patiently. He was particularly sensitive to Lulu's needs. Permalink
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Greenville | August 31 2010
Larry gave clear directions and was always open to questions. Sadie was eager to learn once I found ways to speak her language. I found the training was quite positive and very easy to follow. The only requirements to succeed are time and consistency; easy to give for such positive results. I found the whole training experience interesting. I learned how to recognize attitudes and expressions for fear, puzzlement, attention, and relaxation. Finally, one more reason I would recommend Bark Busters is that Larry tailored his instruction to me and my dog; his approach was quite specific to my needs, and to my dog's needs. Permalink
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Spartanburg | August 31 2010
We had a fence-running and aggressive dog. Right after the first lesson, we noticed a major change in Joe. The way Larry showed us how to stop and correct it was absolute magic. I was very pleased with the training in that it was easy to do, effective, and Larry was always patient. Of course, I am recommending Bark Busters to all my friends. I can't believe how much they have changed in just 2 lessons. Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | August 30 2010
Lisa is a good communicator and made the entire experience "fun!" I learned why it is important for ME to be the leader at all times and that behaviors that did not particularly bother me had to be corrected because they put Sean [Pit Bull/Beagle/Boxer] in control. I think it is a technique for ANY dog. Permalink
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montrose; | August 30 2010
I was at a presentation that Mark Lieberman gave, and I learned more about dogs and training than I ever knew. I recently recommended him to one of our local schools as I think that it is important for families with pets to know how to interact with their pets. Permalink
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Sherwood | August 30 2010
Dick was funny and professional-a joy to work with. I especially appreciate the follow-up and continued support the program offers. Permalink
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Hillsboro | August 30 2010
If I didn't understand something, Dick explained it to me or showed me. He was extremely helpful. By the end of the day, my dogs were pooped. And by day 4, I could definitely see them behaving better. I love not having to yell or scare my dog to listen to me. The system has helped Snook and Baxter so much so of course I would recommend Bark Busters to others. I'm glad I chose you guys! Permalink
Cairo | August 30 2010
Just had another session with Leigh Ann and she is amazing! Our dogs are older rescues, and she is as committed to helping them adapt as we are. We went on a walk downtown today with each dog and she showed me how to handle things-which is great! I was too nervous to take them by myself before. My niece doesn't have to perch on the kitchen counter to get away from Wolf's exuberant playing anymore either! We've made a LOT of progress thanks to Leigh Ann's teaching and I know she's just a phone call or e-mail away if I need her-AWESOME! Permalink
Perryburg | August 29 2010
Cheryl Kubista is a wonder woman! Anyone who knew and now knows my Crockett can see the change from wild child to big boy who no longer has to be crated, ever! More amazingly I can walk him in my flip flops...a major milestone! Crockett is a very happy dog who has learned to trust and knows he found his forever home. Permalink