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Houston | February 03 2011
Dave helped us with our four year old dog, Izzy, and we are very pleased. We liked his style as he gave us very useful advise, but allowed for our lifestyle and Izzy's personality. We will recommend him to our family, friends and their four legged friends. Thank you Dave. Permalink
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Las Vegas | February 03 2011
The barking problem was corrected almost immediately-very impressive! I realized I needed as much-if not more-training than Maggie. We both have a way to go but I am impressed by the training methods. Permalink
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Woodstock | February 02 2011
Ryan helped us immeasurably. We were on the fence about giving up one of our dogs and because of the training we received, our Beauregard will be staying with us. We learned a great deal about our behavior and how it relates to our dogs. As a result, our's is a much happier household. Thank you Ryan and Bark Busters! Permalink
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St. Clair Shores | February 02 2011
Amazing results! Fast & EZ to learn. Cobi changed quickly into a more respectful dog. The techniques were non-violent & very successful. I have learned to "speak dog" and have recommended Bark Busters to my friends. The explanations were very thorough. Permalink
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Dearborn | February 02 2011
Maril Zbik took our wild, rambunctious baby cairn terrier and turned her into a viable and integrated member of our family. She taught us how to provide leadership for our Madeleine, with firmness and love, and it has made her a very contented, happy, well-adjusted addition to our "pack". Maril, and Bark Busters, is everything they say they are, and more. They do everything they say they are going to do, and they do it professionally, promptly, and completely to our satisfaction. Even though my wife and I had both always had pets all our lives, we found ourselves with a little bundle of joy that was simply more than we could handle-and Maril set that right from the moment she stepped into our house. She is the best, and we could NOT recommend her more highly. This is one company, and one trainer you can hire with complete confidence. Permalink
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Grand Blanc | February 02 2011
Maril started with the basics and gradually built on techniques in an easy to follow format. Brazen immediately responded to the training techniques. This was very encouraging. I appreciate that Bark Busters teaches owners to communicate with their dogs in a way the dogs understand. Bark Busters helped our family get back on track with training in a way that strengthens our bond with Brazen. We had a great time learning. Our session was educational, Maril was wonderful and addressed all of our concerns. We have already seen great results. We went from feeling frustrated to having the tools to reinforce our leadership and enjoy our dog. It is a great feeling to know we have Bark Busters continued support. Thank you! Permalink
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Waukee | February 02 2011
We have a very stubborn training lesson #2 (1 week later), we are starting to see improvement & are pleased. :) Permalink
Dillon | February 02 2011
I just wanted to give you a quick update on things...My parents were here for about two weeks and they noticed a positive difference in Roscoe! He wasn't jumping up as much and they noticed that he seemed to be calmer and happier overall. We had a male friend stop by this evening to drop something off and we were so impressed with Roscoe's behavior! We made him sit and wait on the rug and when the friend walked through the door, Roscoe did growl at first, but we were able to quickly correct his behavior by using the techniques that you showed us. After about a minute of lying on the rug, Roscoe really wanted to say hello to this friend and he approached the man very calmly, wagging his tail and allowing the person to pet him. Nothing like the way he used to react! We were so impressed and this gave us so much confidence in our ability to show Roscoe who is the leader of the pack. This was the first time we have had a guest (other than family) in our home since you were here and I am so pleased with the way things turned out. We also had a very positive experience when we recently took Roscoe to the vet. During our previous visits to the vet, they would have to put a muzzle on Roscoe because of his aggressive behavior. Roscoe was much calmer and seemed more trusting of me and my husband and the staff at the clinic. The vet noticed a positive difference in Roscoe's behavior and we didn't have to put a muzzle on him at all during the visit. Before we started the training, Roscoe's aggressive tendencies were beginning to interfere with our life. We were unable to have guests over because of his aggression. Trips to the vet were very difficult and even car rides were stressful because of his territorial behavior. I am so thankful that we found Bark Busters and were able to learn what it takes to establish ourselves as pack leaders. It is nice to see Roscoe just "being a dog" and not worrying so much about protecting us. Thank you so much for giving us the tools to help us with our sweet dog! Permalink
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West Bloomfield | February 02 2011
We arrived in Dillon last night and we were both amazed that Roscoe remain in his spot until Anna released him to greet us. His greetings were more subdued than over Thanksgiving when we were here. During that visit he probably tried jumping up on us for a full ½ hour. Last night when he tried to jump Anna reminded him who was in charge. We both are very pleased with his progress in less than a week. I know the true test will come when a strange male tries to enter the house, but we are all confident that he is learning how to behave to guest. Permalink
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Redford | February 02 2011
Skylar was a star. His mom did a great job too. Loved the techniques. The best part was seeing Skylar relax and learn his new skills. What a change in his behavior in just one class! Excellent scores in every category. Permalink