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Tucson | January 17 2012
Just finished our second session with Bark Busters! We did our homework over the last few weeks, most of the time, and it has paid off. I actually like my dogs again! The little tips Gerard gave us have made a huge difference. He noticed the change the minute he arrived today. He is so friendly and fun to chat with. More importantly, he really knows his stuff. When we told him the few things we were struggling with, he immediately showed us ways to "fix" them and they worked. In the hour and a half he was here we saw our dogs behave in ways I would have thought were impossible. Now we have to practice over the next two weeks before our last meeting with him. The bottom line is this...a month ago I was "this close" to finding a new home for at least one of my dogs. I watched every episode of The Dog Whisperer, tried every technique I could find, and did hours of research trying to make our situation better. Nothing worked. In 4 weeks the power has shifted. I have obedient, respectful, and fun-to-be-around dogs (almost all the time) now. Permalink
Derby | January 16 2012
About House breaking ... it's been 6 days Sophie didn't have any accidents. I hope she continues this. It's been a struggle and being consistent with her I hope I won this battle. You have been so patient with me and your advice and knowledge really works if there is anymore changes with Sophie I will let you know and I will keep you posted. I needed help and you were there for me and always will be. You and Vicky are great!!!!! I'm glad you are her trainers. Permalink
Oxford | January 16 2012
It is SIMPLE AND EASY to apply to multiple situations as they arise in a consistent manner. Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | January 16 2012
Very comprehensive and interesting. I WAS AMAZED at the difference only two hours! Permalink
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Jacksonville | January 15 2012
Amazing! Monty was not charging the door nor trying to bite Linda when she moved about the house. He was much more relaxed and looking to me instead of getting caught up in the distractions. I am glad there are no painful techniques. The natural techniques work wonders. Anyone looking for effective training should contact Bark Busters. Linda is wonderful! She is patient with you as you learn the techniques. In just 3 hours, Monty was much less stressed with strangers and was not pulling on the leash while walking. Absolutely phenomenal! Permalink
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Aventura | January 15 2012
Hi Robin--It was so great meeting you today! My husband came home tonight and asked me what did we do with our dog, because Jeter was like a different dog. I'm still in shock on how quickly he responded and adapted to our new way. I actually was able to have him upstairs with me while I did paperwork this afternoon as he laid calmly by the foot of my bed. And as I write this email, my husband and I are enjoying Jeter's company in our room. The change is truly amazing. Last night this would have never happened. By now I would have already had to resort to putting him in his crate to have some peace. Permalink
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Canton | January 14 2012
Fast results, fairly easy to do with time & patience. Maril was very calm & patient which is appreciated. Excellent scores in every category. Permalink
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Naples | January 14 2012
June and Colin were very loving and playful while still earning my puppy's focus and respect. The time went by very quickly and we all learned a lot. Excellent, logical and gentle techniques that quickly produce results - what more could you want?! Great job - thank you! Permalink
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Pelham | January 13 2012
Mark was excellent. We noticed improvements right away! Permalink
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Plymouth | January 13 2012
Maril explained the reasoning behind each technique. This really helps us understand how our puppy thinks. Right away we noticed Kelso respond to us. There is no hesitation in using the Bark Busters techniques as they are easy to execute and very humane. Our lesson was interesting, enjoyable and a true learning experience. It is very comforting to know that we can call upon Bark Busters when ever the need arises. Excellent scores in every regard. Permalink