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Birmingham | October 14 2009
John is a very patient, caring person. His passion for animals is obvious. Permalink
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Auburn Hills | October 14 2009
I have been recommending Bark Busters for years because of their techniques for general training, expertise in canine behavior, and favorable results. As a veterinarian...I see favorable results repeatedly, both with client-owned dogs and now with my own. It was a pleasure to have John work with our dogs. He did a great job addressing our concerns and now I can enjoy the same benefits I've come to expect for my clients! Thank you! Permalink
Troy | October 14 2009
Abbie is a wonderful, sweet-tempered dog. We are blessed to have her in our family. We are also blessed to have found Bark Busters to help us more appropriately communicate with Abbie in ways she can understand. She is much less anxious and excitable, and remains a playful, spirited, fun-loving canine member of our family. The phenomenal change in Abbie's behavior is testimonial enough when recommending Bark Busters to our neighbors! Thank you!! Permalink
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Dearborn | October 14 2009
Bob put the training in terms that were very easy to relate to. He gave good examples and analogies. - Very enlightening! We were quite amazed. Reilly was like a different dog almost immediately and seems to understand that things are different in the house. We had been relying on treats which was a problem. The training was interesting for sure, I'm not sure I would call it enjoyable. It wasn't unpleasant and it was very informative. We were very comfortable with Bob from the start. He was great, he kept it light. We now have a new understanding of our relationship with our dog.---P.S. We had company tonight and used the techniques. Reilly was great and didn't jump on anyone or annoy them. Yeah, Reilly!! Permalink
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Marco Island | October 13 2009
Barking stopped immediately. So simple and easy. I already have spoken to a few people who have admired my dog at Mackle Park. I can't believe how quickly Pebbles responded to the training. Now I can walk him without him pulling and barking at other dogs. Permalink
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Castro Valley | October 13 2009
Gail was excellent in explaining the training techniques. I observed excellent results and was pleased with the natural training techniques. I enjoyed the training and would recommend Gail and Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Oakland | October 13 2009
Gail is very through and efficient. Every session is work but fun and rewarding. We know that our dogs are a work in progress and we loved seeing our dogs respond without having to use treats. We are looking forward to training and Gail's visits. Our dogs have made noticeable improvements and their anxiety has greatly decreased. We thank you for a wonderful training tool and know this has been a great investment. Permalink
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Croton-on-Hudson | October 12 2009
We really enjoyed working with Mark. He was very patient with us and taught us much more than expected. Absolutely changed our lives by giving us the tools to handle a very stubborn dog. Permalink
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Las Vegas | October 11 2009
Christine did a wonderful job training us. We had no idea that Mia [Pit Bull Mix] could be such a great dog! We now communicate with Mia so much better. We are all much happier as a result. I have already recommended Christine and Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
Durham | October 10 2009
Jerry was very clear and patient explaining the training techniques. I definitely see a change in Caesar. He is calmer and easily corrected. I enjoyed learning about how dogs communicate. I keep Bark Buster cards on hand so I can pass them out to my neighbors. Permalink