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Naples | October 23 2010
First session very informative. Highly professional, kind trainers. Gave me and my family the tools for training properly. Very happy I found Bark Busters. Permalink
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Findlay | October 22 2010
Cheryl made me understand the techniques completely. The results were immediate and effective. I am absolutely pleased with the natural training techniques! Most fun my dogs and I have had in a year!! I would recommend Bark Busters and Cheryl 100%! Permalink
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Sylvania | October 22 2010
AMAZING! Permalink
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Maumee | October 22 2010
Yes, I noticed results! My dogs gave up running out the door. The program completely fits my style and personality. We had fun! Permalink
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Omaha | October 22 2010
When we brought our dog home, he was already 4 months old and a little past prime initial training age. We have an extremely dominant large breed dog, and needed to integrate him with a very small and cranky older dog and 3 rambunctious kids. When we first considered the price point involved, my husband was extremely skeptical-"that much money, and they aren't training my dog for me?" But over time, he's come to see the real value in this method. The authorities in our dog's life are my husband and I, and Deb has shown us how to fill that role more effectively. Whatever issues we encounter, our dog looks to us for guidance. We are now the very proud owners of a 100+ pound beast of a dog who allows our 7-year-old to use him as a pillow and our 5-year-old to take food away from him. Deb's support and encouragement in getting us to this point have been invaluable. We still have a smart and challenging (and very large) dog, and so we find ourselves with new training opportunities on a regular basis, but with the education we've received from Deb, we feel extremely confident in facing these new training opportunities. Our dog may not yet know how to behave in every situation, but he knows who to look to for guidance, and Deb has given us the confidence to fill that role. Permalink
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Atlantic Beach | October 21 2010
I recently adopted a sweet, full of energy terrier puppy from the Humane Society. I found even at 8 months she was not trained and was I was having great difficulty with a number of behavioral issues. Having experience with owning a number of other puppies was not working. Bark Busters had been recommended by a local vet's office and I thought the program may have been a little expensive. Not true! Linda took charge on her first visit with fantastic results and immediately corrected poor behavior and trained me on how to take control. The follow-up visits have been a great help. Permalink
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Michelle H Lowell, Michigan | October 21 2010
Our puppy terrier mix "Taz" was living up to his name. Until Bark Busters came over, he was uncontrollable. Now we feel as though we are in control. He still will try to be the leader of our pack (and to test us) but with the training we received, he has learned and continues to learn his place in our home. Permalink
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Louisville | October 20 2010
I was amazed! My dog responded very well and I was being educated on how to be a leader of my pack. Doug demonstrated excellent communication methods as well as demonstrating the "how to" methods. There is no stressor activities with the training and the techniques are effective and rewarding to the dog and myself. My dog and I are having fun that we have never had before! Permalink
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Palm Harbor | October 20 2010
It made total sense! And has helped us know what to do in a way that is understandable to our dogs. We have noticed the biggest change with Zoe. Much less pacing and barking. It seems almost too easy! We are having great success in such a short time and by only making small changes. We are very pleased. We were very happy with our first session. Very successful and enjoyable. Cathy and Jeff are so patient and kind. It has only been two days and there has been tremendous changes in our dogs! I have tried many other trainers and it was all a waste. With Bark Busters not only am I seeing positive changes but understand the reasoning behind it and the behaviors of my dogs. Permalink
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Perrysburg | October 20 2010
Quicker response to commands. Cheryl had helpful explanations and reinforcement of commands, reactions, etc. Permalink