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Reno | January 31 2008
Koko would run away if she got out to the front yard, only to come back a 1/2 hour or so later. The very next day after training we took her out front with the kids to play in the snow. Using the techniques we learned just the day before, we were able to keep her near us. If she got too far(or started to think about going too far) we'd growl at her and she came right back. It was wonderful to all be outside playing and not end up furious because she ran away. Thank you! Permalink
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Troy | January 31 2008
Rachel did an excellent job. I was very pleased with her. Brody responded to her right away. Permalink
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Guilderland | January 31 2008
So pleased, and Rachel called to check on Henry's progress. Permalink
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Albany | January 31 2008
Murdock was more attentive to the commands by the end of the training. Rachel was very friendly and supportive. Permalink
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Cohoes | January 31 2008
We did not need to take notes - the handouts were very helpful and Rachel was very direct and informative. It was amazing. I think our yippy little pet was waiting for this training. She was immediately more relaxed. I'm really glad our vet recommended this service. I have already recommended Bark Busters. Permalink
Columbus | January 31 2008
I work at Columbus Vet Clinic and we routinely recommend Bark Busters base on uniqueness of 1-on-1 in-house training. Permalink
Madison | January 31 2008
I can see noticeable changes in Brett's behavior after 10 days. Bark Busters rules!! Permalink
Madison | January 31 2008
Amazing! I was skeptical about our dogs, but now am extremely pleased! Permalink
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Plymouth | January 31 2008
He told us she'd be a different dog by the time he left, and he was right. Jason is our trainer (yes, us being the parents), he was amazing, outgoing, warm, gentle yet firm when needed; he's great and we are glad to have him and his fountain of knowledge. Permalink
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Littleton | January 31 2008
Kathy was helpful and insightful, had lots of good useful information. Very knowledgeable and was able to diagnose issues with Gus immediately. Great service! Permalink