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St. Louis | January 14 2008
When we first got Albert and lived in Chicago, we signed up with BB. Three years later, after a move to St. Louis, we found Bark Busters again! True to their word, it was a lifetime guarantee. Kathy came to see Albert for some "issues." She is a miracle worker - one visit - she reminded me of all those things I had forgotten and gave us new tips as well. She truly cared for my dog and me. Great trainer, great program. Permalink
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Mokena | January 13 2008
Very informative. Vicky helped our family feel more confident in training Buehrle. Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 13 2008
I would have never thought it possible to see results in one session. We should have done this years ago. I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. He (Patrick) was amazing! Permalink
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Columbia | January 12 2008
It is only the first day after training and I see improvements. Hopefully, it only gets better. Thank you so much! Permalink
Fort Collins | January 12 2008
We have had our Corgi, Max, for 5 years, and recently got a new Corgi puppy named Chase. For the first few weeks, it seemed like they were going to do okay together. However, over time they started fighting, becoming very territorial, and eventually refused to be in the same room together. It was incredibly stressful for us and for the dogs. We did not know how to stop the fighting and just wanted the dogs to feel safe, secure, and happy. Thanks to Carol, we have already are meeting our goals. She is an absolutely amazing trainer. She is kind, patient, thoughtful, and really listens to your concerns. She is a fantastic communicator and teacher (for both humans and dogs!). We made so much progress during the first training session, and are so excited to have the knowledge and tools necessary to work effectively with our beloved dogs. Thank you, Carol! Permalink
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Sun City Center | January 12 2008
Joanne is an excellent instructor. I am very pleased with the training techniques. I observed amazing results after the first session. Permalink
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Bowling Green | January 11 2008
Cheryl made me feel very comfortable and explained things very well. I was impressed by how quickly Brutus (beagle puppy) caught on. I feel that I am learning a lot. I feel that this type of training is very beneficial. Permalink
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Toledo | January 11 2008
Cheryl was able to allow us to control our two new puppies (male and female black lab mix puppies) on the very first visit. We also have a third older dog whom was able to learn new tricks. Our dogs are very well behaved and listen attentively. They pay attention to "us," as we are the leaders of the pack. Bark Busters used non-treat based rewards and no punishment, just positive reinforcement. We initially thought that only the dogs were going to be trained, but we found the experience interesting and enjoyable. We would instantly recommend Bark Busters to our friends. Bark Buster training method was simple, rewarding, and effective. The training manual was also a useful tool. Permalink
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Altamont | January 11 2008
Very professional and step-by-step plan was excellent. Suzy responded to the trainer immediately and then to us. It's the only way to go. Very, very interesting and enjoyable. Rachel was excellent, professional, effective, easy to understand and pleasant. Permalink
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Troy | January 11 2008
Dogs settled and were actually looking for guidance. Comforting to know that we can and should be in control, not the dogs. Like that no physical means are used/needed. Rachel made us very comfortable and stressed the importance of us being consistent and the leaders. Permalink