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Orlando | December 07 2007
Jim explained the training techniques very clearly and he made the training an enjoyable experience. He was very comfortable to be with in our home and our dog liked him. We saw noticeable results by the end of the session and will refer him to our neighbors and friends. Permalink
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Escondido | December 06 2007
Before training our 3-yr-old chihuahua Chewie was scared, resistant to any training, and would attack our visitors and other dogs. After just one appointment Chewie has calmed down, listens to his corrections, sits on command, allows visitors to come near him without having a fit and has accepted our neighbor's dog. Now we can walk our dogs together! Thanks Jan! Permalink
St. Louis | December 06 2007
Omigosh! We cannot believe the difference in our dogs! We are ecstatic. We have tried many, many trainers in the past trying get control of our "pack" of 2 girls and 2 boys. Never before have we seen results that work so well in our day to day lives. Kathy is incredible, this system is incredible. It is so practical and effective. Kathy is an excellent communicator and works so well with us and the dogs. I highly recommend her to anyone with dog issues. It is worth every last penny. Permalink
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Novi | December 06 2007
It's amazing. Our 3½ lb Yorki barked constantly at my husband, visitors etc. Training worked immediately. The barking has stopped. She is now enjoyable and I believe happier. I am so glad we did this. THANK YOU! Permalink
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Newberg | December 05 2007
I love the voice control and collar checking we've learned to use. No treats, physical punishment or clickers! Dick was very competent, easy to understand and learn from. Definitely would recommend you! We really like the lifetime of the dog guarantee. Permalink
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Willamina | December 05 2007
Roxanne responded well! Dick was fun and very knowledgeable about dogs. He gave good info on what to do about bad behavior. I was amazed how fast I saw results! Dick made it fun. Permalink
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Clackamas | December 05 2007
The training was straightforward and precise. Went step by step, helping us with our weak spots. Explaining the reasons why we were doing things helped so much. The puppies were actually walking behind me almost immediately. Made us aware of our bad habits. Permalink
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Newtown | December 04 2007
Pete took his time and gave plenty of examples. I have tried other dog training methods and none were as effective as Bark Busters. Permalink
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Englewood | December 03 2007
I was very impressed with the simplicity of the program. The experience is most enjoyable because of the immediate results. I would recommend Bark Busters to anybody who loves their dog! Permalink
Oakland Township | December 03 2007
It is amazing how well the dogs responded. I never thought such obedience would be possible! Permalink