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Fort Myers | October 25 2010
It is funny how it's the owners who need the training, who would have thought that, HA! We noticed a change in our three dogs' (two Huskies and one Chihuahua) behavior almost immediately. We thought Patrick did a great job teaching us how to understand and relate more to our dogs. We recommend Bark Busters and believe if you have any uncontrollable behaviors in your dogs this is THE right step to take. Patrick is very pleasant to work with and I look forward to seeing my dogs' good behavior continue to grow. Permalink
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Naples | October 25 2010
The explanations were clear and logically explained along with examples. It was amazing how quickly our dog responded to the training instruction. We were absolutely pleased with the natural training techniques taught by Bark Busters. I do not like to use any physical tactics and prefer the methods of Bark Busters which is sound, words and signals. The experience was informative and time flew by during our lesson. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters even to those dogs that have less defined issues, like our Suzy had. We thought Suzy's behavior was a total response to allergies; as it turns out her actions had become a learned behavior due to her allergies. But once her allergies were treated, her itching behavior continued and became a habit. My husband and I were quite impressed with Patrick and how the techniques were implemented. Permalink
Warren | October 25 2010
We COULDN'T BELIEVE the difference in Rosco after only a few hours! It was as though Lisa taught us the language to communicate with him. My family members already love the results with Rosco. They can't believe it!! I really didn't think we could train Rosco. I'm so happy I was wrong! Permalink
Waterford | October 25 2010
Lisa was full of energy and was enjoyable to work with! Sam was very quick to pick up the new methods of training. After seeing results, I was VERY PLEASED! I have already mentioned it to friends at work. Permalink
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Downingtown | October 25 2010
Alan not only explained the training techniques, but showed us "how" as well. We especially observed noticeable results with Amber's behavior when someone comes to the front door. I liked the fact that treats are not used as a reward--just old fashioned praise! The training experience as well as the results are enjoyable. We would most definitely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors! Permalink
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Woodburn | October 25 2010
There were observable differences within the first days of training-especially for jumping up and the front door. The training techniques are comfortable to implement. Utilizing what's natural to the pack behavior of dogs feels appropriate and comfortable to us. We've already recommended Bark Busters to our friends! Permalink
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Sherwood | October 25 2010
Our dogs responded right away. The training experience was a little tiring but good. Bark Busters is really great training-it saved our dog from going to a shelter! Permalink
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Milford | October 25 2010
They are committed to the success of your pet. Richard is very patient with both Truffles and myself. Permalink
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Commerce | October 24 2010
Maril would explain why we were doing the training that way. We saw noticeable results by the end of the first session-Yeah!! The techniques do not hurt my dog, they just teach him. I learned that my dog can listen. Maril is very effective in the way she trains. I can't wait to see more great results. Excellent rating in every category. Permalink
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Orange | October 24 2010
The method is so simple and effective. We can't believe the immediate improvement. Richard and Vicki have explained the training techniques in a clear and concise manner, and they seem like they love their job! Permalink