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Jacksonville | August 25 2010
Linda put it in layman's terms, and it was super easy to understand. Sugar learned quickly, and we were amazed that she was actually listening! It makes it easier because there are not treats used. When we're not home, we don't have to worry about treats! It was enjoyable and emotional because our girl was learning it was OK for us to be the leader. I wish someone would have referred me a long time ago. I would definitely recommend them! We loved Linda; she was sentimental and understanding. Permalink
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Jacksonville | August 25 2010
Extremely simple, straightforward and immediately effective. Liked the fact that there was no need for reward with treats. I have already referred two friends. Permalink
Livonia | August 25 2010
Although we had successfully trained two previous dogs by ourselves, our situation with Ralphie was more challenging-we had been warned by our breeder that he was a timid dog, and Bob was now permanently in an electric wheelchair. This made us a family with some special needs, which we knew we couldn't deal with in a group setting. We tried to train him ourselves with no luck. At 9 months old, Ralphie was still having too many accidents, was frightened of Bob, jumped up and clawed at me constantly and would only rarely obey. Our frustration was high! Maril came in, explained the techniques and immediately began helping us with basic obedience training, helping us show Ralphie who was really the "boss." Everything she said made sense to us. The turnaround in his behavior was amazing-within 24 hrs. In addition, Maril has worked with us to develop strategies for training unique to our situation, even in simple things such as how Bob can safely exit a door first or walk him on a leash. Maril hasn't just come in and shown us how to train our dog "by the book;" she's taken time to observe us and our situation and helped us properly modify techniques to train him. We continue to work with Maril, but the change is unbelievable and we no longer make excuses for our dog's behavior. Permalink
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St. Louis | August 24 2010
We noticed an immediate change in our Grover. The techniques were the best and we have already recommended Kathy and Bark Busters to our friends. Thank you. Permalink
Warren | August 24 2010
Totally new dimension in training! Lisa was calm and friendly, easy to understand by the entire family. [We were] very surprised by how immediate [the] results were! Permalink
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Phoenixville | August 24 2010
We needed help fast, and Jeri came within 48 hours of my call-would have been sooner if I was available! She took her time to ensure we got it before moving on. Our one dog is a nonstop barker, and we saw right away using what she taught that he was responding! We were able to see this right away-I was amazed! I love the positive reinforcements and the use of the "snaps" to get the leadership role of our "pack" known. It was very interesting and exciting to anticipate behavioral changes. Our one dog is 14-this is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Anyone getting a dog or having one with any issue would benefit from this. We are practicing daily and will continue to ensure we get all of the benefits this program taught us; it's great to see changes in our dogs' bad behavior. Permalink
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Oak Lawn | August 23 2010
Very easy to understand and helpful. Nice lady who seems to really want to help people and their dogs. Both dogs had fun and responded well. Good suggestions and very helpful. Both dogs seemed to enjoy the training. Permalink
Wilmington | August 23 2010
John was excellent. The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. We absolutely observed noticeable results right away. We were pleased with Bark Busters' natural/humane training methods. My son and I both found the training experience very helpful. John was great and took the time with our Doberman puppy to really help us understand him better. We would recommend John to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Elmsford | August 21 2010
Very straightforward and to the point, providing assured understanding. Any questions we had were completely answered. The techniques taught to us were presented very efficiently. The whole process opened our eyes to a new understanding as to how our dog thinks. Overall, great experience! Permalink
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Katonah | August 21 2010
At the the completion of the first session-amazing!! Dog does not have to be bribed into good behavior. My wife and I noticed an immediate change after the first session. Suki is no longer the leader of the pack. Permalink