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St. Francis | December 14 2009
Nikki was very friendly and detailed. We recognize we, as pack leaders, have a lot of work to do. Our dogs responded well to the training techniques; there were definitely noticeable improvements. The training techniques were easy to learn and easy to repeat. We love that we have a variety of options as we have three very different dogs. The training experience was very pleasant. Nikki is great, she offers a lot of tips and is very helpful. We look forward to continue using the techniques in our home! We have already recommended these services to our friends. Permalink
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Frankfort | December 14 2009
I observed noticeable results by the end of the training. Very informative. Techniques work without hands on or touching the dogs. I learned a lot and she put a lot of techniques in perspective as to why or why not certain methods work. I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Nellie Gail Ranch | December 12 2009
Great puppy training! Yay! Permalink
University Park, Irvine | December 12 2009
No more accidents, increasingly less anxiety. Now we can have family or friends visit without fearing our Yorkie would bite someone or pee all over the house with anxiety! Permalink
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-Veterinarian at Mission Viejo Veterinary Clinic | December 11 2009
Robin did a wonderful job. I am extremely pleased. I would recommend her to anyone. Permalink
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Stratford | December 10 2009
Thanks for the visit and training help the other day. Already, Duncan is a better-behaved dog. I have had several opportunities to use the training tools inside and outside. The delivery man came today and I stood outside and used the water bottle with her. He, for the most part, stayed in the stay position, even when the he was leaving. He wasn't allowed to show any aggression, jumping, etc. I am more confident that he will get better now. Thanks again! Permalink
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Ridgefield | December 10 2009
Mark was very thorough and easy to understand. Mark was great. The systems works if you stick with it. It makes a lot of sense. Permalink
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St. Louis | December 10 2009
Kathy made things seem possible even though I had never owned a dog. Kathy went above and beyond to ensure that Lulu and I were happy, understood what was needed and was able to make our relationship work. Permalink
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West Nyack, NY | December 09 2009
The techniques were easy to understand for both of us and Oreo really started to calm down before Michelle left. Permalink
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Bronxville | December 09 2009
We are very happy with our Bark Busters experience. Permalink