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Sammamish | December 25 2010
TERRIFIC! I recently adopted a Pit Bull mix puppy who is such a sweet boy, but he has extremely strong jaws and tends to be quite mouthy. Being the strong breed he is, I wanted to correct this behavior as soon a possible and establish that I am the leader. Jack was wonderful and gave quick training tips that immediately made a difference within the first session. We soon learned my pup is a tad sensitive, so Jack catered the training to my pup's personality and helped me correct his behavior in a way that he learned and wouldn't be fearful of me. It was obvious Jack wanted my pup to be the happiest and best dog he could. Jack was extremely thorough by providing a lot of helpful information. I highly recommend Bark Busters and Jack as a trainer because the personalized training was a unique experience that my pup and I both enjoyed. Jack followed up with our training session and was eager to visit again whenever needed. Permalink
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Naples | December 23 2010
Patrick Logue, with Bark Busters of Southwest Florida, was excellent in giving me instructions on how to train my dog. The training experience and the use of the natural training techniques were excellent. I recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Redford | December 23 2010
We see noticeable improvement. Excellent experience, excellent explanations. Permalink
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Garden City | December 23 2010
The training was outstanding, very practical yet professional! The results were amazing to us! We love the loving techniques. The training was a pleasant experience and very interesting. Would we recommend Bark Busters?...YES, YES, YES-NEED WE SAY MORE! THE BEST!! It is amazing the results of this method in such a short time-WE LOVE IT. Permalink
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Naples | December 23 2010
Excellent on all counts - I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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St. Louis | December 23 2010
Kathy is a natural in doing this. Flexible in her approach but still covers all the bases so that the logic behind this type of training sticks. I immediately called my vet to continue recommending Kathy. The training methods make a whole lot of sense and obviously work. I could see marked improvement in a very short period of time. I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Riverview | December 20 2010
Unbelievable and fast results. We are thrilled with Joanne and Bark Busters. We are happier dog parents and our dog is happier too. Permalink
Summerville | December 20 2010
Excellent teacher-Michelle not only explained but demonstrated what to do and critiqued my technique. I was amazed at how little I knew my dog before this training! Now I understand why they do what they do-I need to think like a dog! I saw noticeable results right away. Permalink
Beverly Hills | December 20 2010
I wish we had known about Bark Busters sooner! Lisa is GREAT! Permalink
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Seattle | December 20 2010
David was fantastic! So pleasant and patient with us and our sweet Sophie. Sophie responds well to the training-it's working! And it's a great alternative to treat motivated training. We were pleased and encouraged that we can do this! Permalink