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Denver | November 04 2010
Robin, I just had to let you know how good Brewser did this morning after our lesson yesterday. I met up with a neighborhood friend and his dog Bear. Brewser behaved so well that I was able to stand within 5 feet of my friend and have a 10 minute conversation! Amazing! Brewser didn't yank, pull or growl. He just acted sort of bored, sat down and was so well behaved. I love my new dog! Thank you! Permalink
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Perkiomen | November 04 2010
Jeri and I hit it off immediately. My Bella has made such improvements since we applied the techniques that Jeri showed us. I look forward to our continued success. THANK YOU Jeri! Permalink
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Audubon | November 04 2010
Jeri explains things so I can see how and what to do to get results. With practice and a strong commitment to the techniques results do occur. I like that I don't have to use hot dogs, cheese or treats. Dogs are smart and will respond to the training, you bond with your dogs. Permalink
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Lower Pottsgrove | November 04 2010
Jeri was very informative and I learned a lot about dog behavior, posturing, foods, toys, etc. We like Bark Busters methods as we did not want to use a "shock" bark collar as recommended by other trainers. Jeri is always available for help either via email or phone-very attentive. Great personality! Permalink
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Collegeville | November 04 2010
I have already recommended Bark Busters! Permalink
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Pottstown | November 04 2010
My neighbors gave Jeri glowing reviews, and I will do the same! I'm already seeing results just 2 weeks into the training. I was pleased to see Gonzo showing more respect to my parents. I'm confident that Gonzo will conquer his fears using the Bark Busters methods. Permalink
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Spring City | November 04 2010
Jeri is AWESOME -totally understanding and non-judgmental, providing valuable tools and "tricks" to correct behaviors. Our family and friends can't believe the difference! Permalink
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Milwaukie | November 03 2010
This is Amanda & Justin, we met for our first session this last Saturday. We just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how encouraged we have been after our session on Saturday. We have been consistent with Moose in correcting unwanted behaviors and praising good behaviors and what a difference we have seen in Moose! It is amazing, I think Moose is now seeing us as the leaders and the transition has been so quick! Our walks are so much more pleasant and he is starting to unwind indoors. Thank you! We look forward to meeting with you in a couple of weeks. Permalink
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Gulfport | November 03 2010
Maureen made believers out of us in one visit! Our two very loving, smart dogs have lots of great qualities, but their competing for our attention and for "pack leadership" caused them to get into very aggressive, awful fights that would leave one of them bloody, sometimes both. After one day of Maureen's training, they are behaving completely differently toward one another, and our large dog is no longer jumping on us and our guests. We see promise and potential in their further training. It's amazing!! We highly recommend you call her!! Permalink
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Lake Oswego | November 03 2010
Good presentation! Lisa answered our questions, especially as they specifically related to our dog. We have used the techniques and have made great progress. The psychology seemed so natural! Certainly it worked with our dog and was fun also. Great results and tools that work. It was fun helping our dog and helped us be better partners. We would recommend Bark Busters because it works-absolutely! Great tools and process...a good investment. Permalink