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Marshfield | September 23 2007
Can you imagine what a relief it must be for the dog? Finally, someone understands! I'm completely convinced because I saw it for myself. I will be one of your strongest promoters...guaranteed! Permalink
Englewood | September 23 2007
Becky explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I liked the presentation before the training started, as it made the reasons for the techniques clearer. We observed noticeable results by the end of the lesson. Especially with the barking and pulling the leash. Both dogs are much more responsive to us. The natural training takes a lot less energy on our part since it is not physical at all; which makes it easier for us to stay calmer. We weren't doing too bad with the dogs and needed help getting to the next level. We learned a lot about the dogs and our body language that had made a big difference! The training was easy to comprehend and we saw some results immediately! Frida seems much more attentive to us and therefore a bit more responsive, especially when told to come. Permalink
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Drexel Hill | September 23 2007
We needed a specific task completed (introduce a Katrina rescue dog into the home with two other dogs). Everything worked out perfectly. Very pleased! Permalink
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Downingtown | September 23 2007
I was particularly impressed with Peter's confidence over the phone and in person. He showed personal interest and patterned the training to exactly what I needed. Permalink
Portage | September 22 2007
It was all very straight forward. We noticed results within minutes! It was interesting, enjoyable and fun, too! Techniques are easy to understand and perform. My dog enjoyed the training as much as I did. Linda was easy to work with. She was very pleasant and best of all, our dog learned quickly from her. Permalink
Boston | September 22 2007
Jason explained the techniques very well. He knew what he was talking about which made it better. Simon seemed to respond right away to these techniques -- so far I've seen improvements with my dog... I'd recommend. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks to see Simon and his transformation into a "perfect dog." Permalink
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Schenectady | September 22 2007
Her hyperactivity ceased once the burden of being the leader was lifted. She took a nap before our session ended. I didn't believe it was possible until I saw it. My family and I are shocked and amazed by the difference in our dog. I couldn't believe that after 10 minutes with the therapist, my dog was already responding and complying. We are already considering buying gift certificates for family and friends at Christmastime. Before meeting with Rachel, we were considering getting rid of our dog. We didn't know how to handle her terrible behaviors. We've learned "to think like a K9" when responding to these behaviors. Permalink
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Levittown | September 22 2007
Harmony was restored in my house after only 1 day of training with Pete! My 7-month-old puppy is no longer chasing the cats, jumping on people, nipping, tipping over the trash and breaking through screens. Furthermore, not only am I happier and calmer, so is my pup, Fredrick! Peter was very professional and positive. He modeled and taught my entire family the Bark Busters method. He provided us with the tools we needed to be successful training our dog. I am now able to enjoy having Fredrick as my pet. I have already recommended Peter to my friends! Permalink
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San Diego | September 21 2007
It is like night and day in our home! We SO appreciate the changes in our dogs' behavior. No more jumping or barking as we come home. No more herding us up the stairs. Less nuisance barking. Thank you so much!! Permalink
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Guilderland | September 21 2007
It amazed me how much respect our dog had for Rachel, trainer, within 30 minutes. The growl technique is very clever and works very well. We laughed a lot while undergoing the training session. There are many dogs who need this training but wouldn't want to insult the owners. Rachel our trainer explained the thought process of a dog and how being the leader was the root of it - I learned a lot. It's been less than 1 week and I can't believe the changes in our dog. Our life is less stressful and we are enjoying our dog so much more. Permalink