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Montgomery Village | September 17 2010
Hi Jim-Just wanted to let you know that your suggestions have made Abigail improvement w/ ALL the dogs. Even Simon! Thanks! Permalink
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Portland | September 16 2010
Dick made the whole experience great and helped me learn more about my dog and how she and I work together. He was very thorough and is always available for follow-up questions. Permalink
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Veterinary Technician | September 15 2010
I believe this method will work for my dogs' issues. I would recommend Bark Busters because their methods are natural; I saw results within 2 hours and the techniques are easy to understand. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | September 15 2010
Patrick did in one hour what we have been trying to do for five months. We observed noticeable results by the end of one hour with our German shepherd puppy. The lesson was very stress free for both humans and dog; in fact we laughed a lot with Patrick. We absolutely recommend Bark Busters. Our Sam, instead of wearing horns over her head, is starting to form a halo. Patrick is very fun, interactive and very professional. Permalink
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Fort Myers | September 15 2010
Excellent! 5 out of 5. Permalink
Thomasville | September 15 2010
I was very pleased with how Jeb responded to his Bark Busters training. The directions were clear and easy to follow. Now I have a better understanding about how to handle some of his less desirable behaviors. My new mantra is, "I am the leader, I am the leader, I am the leader." Thanks, Leigh Ann! Permalink
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St. Louis | September 15 2010
The results we saw were considerably more than we expected. Kathy was amazing! She was patient with the dogs as well as with us. She sincerely enjoyed our dogs. Permalink
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Fruit Cove | September 15 2010
I finally understand how my dogs think. Linda explained things so I could understand. Amazing, because behaviors that made me crazy were so easily corrected! I love my dogs. I am sad that I let things go on so long because of my own misunderstanding of what makes a healthy balanced dog. It was very pleasant and gentle with my dogs and myself. I have absolutely already recommended Bark Busters. I never knew correction of bad behavior could be so easy to correct. Thank you Bark Busters! Permalink
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Louisville | September 14 2010
We were getting frustrated with ourselves and our dog, which is why we called Bark Busters. We definitely noticed results by the end of the first lesson, and by the end of the revisits, we almost have a new dog! Doug was very patient and helpful. Anything we didn't understand, he clarified until we did. We have already recommended Bark Busters to one friend, and will continue to do so. Permalink
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Jacksonville | September 14 2010
The techniques are so simple, yet so effective! It was amazing how quickly specific behaviors changed. We are very excited to see where we are in another 5 weeks. The techniques make so much sense when they are explained and demonstrated. It was fun to see the reactions of Rocky and Louie to our new ways of dealing with them. We are very glad we discovered the program and look forward to seeing continued results and improvement.We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. Permalink