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April 02 2007
Everything explained seemed very logical. Very interesting and very enjoyable!...Read More

Blauvelt, NY

April 02 2007
Easy to understand and not abusive. Dove was much more responsive by the end of the training....Read More

Tuxedo Park, NY

April 02 2007
Diesel was reacting to the training very well. I noticed that he knew that something new was taking place and the I was now in charge, not him....Read More

Peekskill, NY

April 02 2007
Very good results within a short period of time. Good strategies - easy to understand. The results were evident - Myron was considerably calmer. Very pleased....Read More

Highland Mills, NY

March 30 2007
Linda was very clear in the reasons for our actions. She had us understanding things from our dog's perspective. Remarkably we saw noticeable results at the start of training! The process was fun and it was great to understand our dog and see such fast results. I am very happy with Linda and Bark Busters training. I really think it gives us a new perspective on our dog. It works!...Read More

Fitchburg, WI

March 30 2007
Vito was fabulous! He is patient, thorough and engaging. His ability to communicate with a canine is impressive and motivating. Great experience....Read More

Crystal Beach, FL

March 30 2007
The results of the training were amazing. After the initial training session, Lucy was a completely different dog. Well behaved and a joy to be around. Vito was absolutely wonderful to work with. Our family and friends could not believe the change and made comments like "if they didn't see it, they wouldn't have believed it"!...Read More

Palm Harbor, FL

March 30 2007
We saw an immediate change in the behavior of both Jaks & Reggie. We've been working with them every day and they are improving more and more. Walks have become an enjoyable experience instead of a necessary hassle. Vito was great! He gave us the tools we needed to communicate with our boys....Read More

St. Petersburg, FL

March 29 2007
I found the training experience enjoyable and I couldn't believe the instant response....Read More

Waterville, OH

March 29 2007
Everything made perfect sense and was very practical....Read More

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