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Milford | September 27 2010
We are so happy to be "on the right road" so we can enjoy Butch and he can be happy, safe and do what we need him to do. We would recommend Bark Busters because it is humane, works and Richard and Vicki are very nice and very helpful, provide good tips and ideas. Permalink
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Cape Coral | September 26 2010
Not only did Patrick explain the techniques, he also demonstrated them. Patrick's explanations used very common and easy to understand scenarios. Of our three dogs, our "problem" dog had a completely different attitude. He is now our BEST dog. We saw noticeable results with all three of our dogs by the end of the initial two-hour lesson. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters are simple and effective. I think I learned more than our dogs did during the lesson. For our dopes, the training is natural. I loved learning how to effectively communicate with our dogs. I recommend Patrick with Bark Busters of Fort Myers. People have commented on how well-behaved our dogs are and I told them it was because of Patrick and Bark Busters. Patrick saved our family. We were about to separate into different homes because of "his dogs" and "my dog," but now we are all communicating and getting along great! Each day I am more amazed at how well this works! Thank you Patrick and Bark Busters of Fort Myers. Permalink
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Cape Coral | September 26 2010
I adopted Skip, a Shetland Sheepdog, from a rescue 3.5 years ago. He came with a lot of baggage. I am hopeful things will improve. When you go to obedience classes you don't get what Bark Busters focuses on: a change in the owner. Permalink
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Fort Myers Beach | September 26 2010
We were very impressed by how fast our dogs responded. We saw noticeable results during the very first lesson. We never would have thought of the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters on our own. Permalink
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Mount Laurel | September 25 2010
Kurt explains and demonstrates the techniques in a very clear way. He has a great, practical solution for every problem. Permalink
San Diego | September 24 2010
Nothing less than amazing. My two boxers had been to countless trainings and schools. I saw results after the first week. I'm now able to walk the dogs and use the training aids in a correct manner. After taking my giant boxer, Tyson, to the vet and having the vet shake as she listened to his heart, I spoke to Justin and he accompanied me for the next visit. He has really done above and beyond. I recommend him to anyone that has dogs big or small. He is consistent and honest but I always knew he cared about my Tyson and Layla. Permalink
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St. Augustine | September 24 2010
I have told everyone I know about how the Bark Busters method worked on our dogs at the first session! Permalink
Mount Washington | September 23 2010
Doug was great. Very knowledgeable. You could tell he loves what he does and believes in the training material. Permalink
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Jacksonville | September 22 2010
Linda was a very good trainer and our dog showed improvement that evening from being very aggressive to submissive. We are working with our dog to try to instill the changes. Permalink
Royal | September 22 2010
I was amazed! It was cool to see Sweetie's mind "click!" Permalink