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March 09 2007
Clearly explained techniques and reasoning, demonstrated the instructions and was an excellent coach in assisting me with following through. Noticeable improvement in barking....Read More

Black Creek, WI

March 08 2007
Donna did an excellent job explaining the training techniques and theory behind them. She was very patient with me and very kind to my dog. My dog stopped jumping up on people and was much easier to control on the leash during walks....Read More

Houston, TX

March 07 2007
Linda was very thorough. She made sure I understood the basic theories. Excellent examples used in explaining the process. It was as if Henry was a totally different dog; much calmer and much happier! I was very pleased because the techniques are humane and positive. It was fascinating because of the underlying understanding of the canine mind. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. I saw a change in three hours in Henry. He sure seems much happier! The Bark Busters advertising is genuine; it worked beyond my expectations!...Read More

Middleton, WI

February 28 2007
Linda Conrad has done a great job! After one week of training, we have reduced the barking by 95%! I like that there is no physical contact. Walking on the leash is so much more fun now. I have already recommended Bark Busters because all pet owners need to know how to communicate with their dogs so the dogs will understand. Although we've got much more that needs to be done, we are so impressed wuth what we are seeing now!...Read More

Dodgeville, WI

February 24 2007
It was very easy and the response from our dog was immediate!...Read More

Evansville, WI

February 23 2007
I would recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training to my friends and neighbors because the results were quick and the training was easy to learn and execute....Read More

Santa Clarita, AL

February 23 2007
I would recommend Bark Busters because: a) it works, and b) it is humane! The dog training is easy to do and establishes a better relationship with our dog....Read More

Canyon Country, CA

February 23 2007
The dog training was very clear and made perfect sense, it was like magic!!! Immediate response to all the dog training we did, I have already recommend Bark Busters to some of my family....Read More

Valencia, CA

February 23 2007
Would I recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors? Absolutely because of the immediate results....Read More

Saugus, CA

February 23 2007
The techniques helped my dog tremondously. He responds well to the dog training and is developing better habits due to them....Read More

Canyon Country, CA