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McFarland, WI | February 03 2007
I see how it could save some dogs' lives and since they come to your home it's more personal. Permalink
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Verona, WI | February 03 2007
Good visuals. I have a calmer, more relaxed dog! I like that there are no food rewards and physical force. It was fun! It was great to see the immediate results. It works! I am trying to convince several people to do the training. Bark Busters is amazing. I have a whole different dog. I love coming home to a peaceful living environment. Linda is very motivating! She takes one step at a time and explains everything in an understandable way. She brings her enthusiasm and excitement to the training. Thanks, Linda! Permalink
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Pasadena, MD | February 02 2007
I had an unruly English Bulldog named Winston. He had a very sweet personality, but drug me all over the neighborhood, and was aggressive towards other dogs. Marsha came out and taught me everything I know to be the leader, and I saw an immediate improvement in Winston! It has been two weeks, and he is doing wonderfully. I can't thank Marsha and Bark Busters enough! Permalink
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Melbourne, FL | February 02 2007
Good clear directions, very informative. The leash work was amazing. I like the alternative correction- no hitting or pushing. Permalink
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Brighton, MI | February 01 2007
I don't know what I was thinking when I added a puppy in our home when we didn't have good control over the dog we already had. I guess I thought the two of them would keep each other busy. They kept each other busy by both getting in to trouble. My girlfriend used Bark Busters and always raves about them. I called and we've covered puppy training AND our other dog's "non-preferred" behavior. It was much better than the puppy school I did with our other dog. And to do it all at home is awesome. Our puppy is learning so quickly now that we know how to speak and act like dogs. - Our trainer Kendra was awesome and she knows her stuff. We are highly recommending Kendra to all of our friends and family. Permalink
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-Madison, WI | January 31 2007
Our dogs were very willing to participate. We are delighted not to have to deal with treats. . . . training is simple/basic "corrections". . . making it easier to accomplish our goal. Our Collie, Emma, is so much more well behaved and her barking seems to be under control. We are very happy we decided to try Bark Busters. . . . wish we had done it sooner! Permalink
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Madison, WI | January 27 2007
The visuals that Linda provided were very easy to follow and she made sure we understood the techniques thoroughly. By the end of the session, we could already see improvement in Hailey's attentiveness and ability to follow commands. Amazing! So far, the techniques have been effective in modifying Hailey's behavior. We learned a lot from Linda about why Hailey has been acting the way she has. Very valuable! Linda was great! Very informative and also very patient as we "re-learned" how to be effective dog owners. Permalink
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Ellicott City, MD | January 26 2007
Marsha was great! I need the training more than my dog! At least that's what my husband tells me! Permalink
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Montgomery Village, MD | January 26 2007
Marsha brilliantly explained the techniques. The training was enjoyable but tiring! Marsha was BAH-rrrifficck! Permalink
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Gaithersburg, MD | January 26 2007
Marsha was patient with all our questions and sidebars. The results were amazing! Marsha has a great sense of humor that made it fun and made us more comfortable. Permalink