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Estero | July 14 2010
Patrick is very entertaining. He explained the Bark Busters techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I saw results with my three dogs (Pomeranian and 2 Prague Ratters) by the end of just one two-hour lesson. I am very happy with my three "new" dogs and would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Adel | July 14 2010
Deb was very professional-I would highly recommend her! The training techniques are excellent and brought about noticeable results by the end of the first lesson. Permalink
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San Francisco | July 14 2010
I can't recommend Karen Gaines of Bark Busters enough for anyone with a dog (and potentially family) in need of training. Karen not only effectively addressed our concerns with our puppy but also educated our whole family on effectively training and using proper behavior methods with our Wheaten Terrier. An example of her commitment to her clients is one day, she went for a long walk with myself and our dog, searching for other dogs while I explained our latest challenge. I am also always amazed how quickly our dog responds to Karen's training suggestions. Permalink
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Peekskill | July 13 2010
It is a program that can be successful when followed properly. Rocky responded very quickly. Permalink
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Schaumburg | July 13 2010
Christine was very patient with us and our dogs. We had three Chihuahuas that were completely running our house. If anyone came to the door, they were barked at and attacked (jumped on). This is no longer the case, and it only took 2 hours! The technique was very simple and easy for both us and our dogs to follow. The training was very interesting and informative. Our neighbors saw the Bark Busters car in our driveway and had questions. We have raved about the results to everyone and requested fliers. We had a friend come over the day after our initial visit, and he wanted to know what we had done to our dogs. We told him these were the results after one visit! Permalink
Louisville | July 13 2010
Doug was the exact trainer I was looking for. He was very professional and his techniques were easy with unbelievable results. I'm still amazed at how quickly he was able to correct my dog's behavior. It was a wonderful experience. Permalink
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Clifton Park | July 13 2010
Dogs reacted well to Rachel's commands after very little repetition-need to practice lots at home-I'm excited! Permalink
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Troy | July 13 2010
I am so glad that there are no treats, chokers or other techniques used that would be harmful. I feel a little silly, but once I saw how quickly Trip responded, I learned to get over it. I was impressed that Rachel not only knew so much about training but was also helpful with teaching me about my dog's specific breed. Permalink
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Lisa S Wyoming, Michigan | July 13 2010
Ken explained the techniques and had me work with Riley rather than me watch Ken train. That way he was able to help me work on my technique. Riley responded well to the techniques. I am please with the natural training techniques as I do not want to punish my puppy...I want to train her what behavior is acceptable and to encourage her. I have recommended Bark Busters to a neighbor with a "yippee" Yorkie. Permalink
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Jenkintown | July 12 2010
Pete did a wonderful job with Snoop, our 9-month toy poodle. Snoop was biting other dogs and barking constantly...After being with Pete for a few days, Snoop can now be around other dogs somewhat comfortably!!! He is a work-in-progress, but with the tools Pete has given us, it has made a huge improvement. Thank you. Permalink