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Oregon City | June 28 2011
The techniques have been very clear and are easy to follow. We saw results from both dogs in the leading exercise on the first session. We were happy to use the natural training methods. We found the initial meeting to be very informative and we learned a lot about 'pack mentaility' and what our roles are. I would strongly recommend Bark Busters. One of our dogs was always pulling on his leash - and by the end of our first session - he had stopped pulling. I thought that Dick (our trainer) had a wonderful personality and the dogs responded very well to his direction. Permalink
Royal Oak | June 27 2011
I am thoroughly happy with your very professional and humane program, and feel encouraged to have your support -- You both are SUPER! Permalink
West Bloomfield | June 27 2011
Great information to train owners first. Before end of first session, our dog was aware what to do. It is a great technique and there are useful ideas for all dogs and owners. Permalink
Rochester Hills | June 27 2011
AWESOME PRESENTATION! I didn't think I would see results so quickly, but Maisy significantly improved her behavior WITHIN THE FIRST NIGHT. Very fun -- and interesting to learn as much as I did. I have tried other classes and trainers and did not see the results that Bark Busters gave me in one night. I am very impressed. I cannot wait to continue with Lisa & John. I look forward to fixing her behavior issues, and learning more about canine behavior. It's great so far! Permalink
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McMinnville | June 27 2011
From the minute he walked in the door, Dick modeled a calm demeanor for both us and our dog, Dudley. Almost immediately we noticed a positive change in Dudley's behavior. Dick educated us on why a dog behaves as he does and gave us specific steps to take to correct Dudley's "issues". Permalink
Thomasville | June 27 2011
Leigh Ann is a Blessing! My dogs still have a ways to go to be "angels" but I have seen so much improvement in their temperment and minding me when I tell them to hush! I have three dogs that Leigh Ann is helping me with. Gabbie, Cassie and Penny. Penny is the most head strong and Leigh Ann has helped me see her in a whole new light. The girls love working with me and I love working with them! Thanks Leigh Ann!!! Permalink
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Roselle | June 27 2011
The step-by-step explanation was thorough. Christine took time & patience to answer our many questions. The results were immediate. Pocahontes realized there was a new sheriff in town & responded. We tested the Bark Buster plan at the front door and saw immediate change. The techniques were easy to follow and they work! The leave behind information is helpful for a quick refresher. With Bark Busters and Christine Guth's help we are a happy dog family. Prior to her first visit and due to our dog's increasingly aggressive and dangerous behavior I had thoughts that we would have to look at the option of returning Pocahontes back to the shelter we adopted her from. Four visits later and I wouldn't think of it. I want Bark Busters to know how happy we are with the training & support that Chris provided our family. Thank you Chris! Permalink
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Bloomingdale | June 27 2011
Our trainer did an excellent job of explaining all of the techniques. Our dog has made huge improvements. I used to worry that she would spend all her time in her crate. Now I am comfortable with her being around kids & other dogs. We loved our training sessions and looked forward to each one. Bark Busters helped us control our dog's behavior but - more importantly - let us have the best relationship we could have with her. Thank you! Permalink
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Hillsboro | June 27 2011
Dick verbally explained and actively demonstrated the training techniques. 'Mr Puggles' was walking with ease on the left to my surprise. Although our technique was comical at times, Dick was very patient. I have a few friends standing by to use Bark Busters with their dogs. Permalink
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Fort Myers | June 26 2011
Bark Busters and Patrick Logue are great! He is very thorough. We anticipate great results! Permalink