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San Diego | October 22 2009
Jan is among the most talented and dedicated dog trainers I know. Having worked with her at Bark Busters, I have seen first hand the passion, knowledge and skill she brings to her work. Jan's love for dogs is evident in everything she does, making her extremely effective at helping dogs and their owners live better together. So if you're looking for a dog trainer or behaviorist in San Diego, you've found her. Permalink
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Newburgh, NY | October 21 2009
Both my dogs were showing remarkable progress after the first session. The flip chart made it very simple. I was easily trained as well! Time flew during the lesson! Permalink
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Bridgeport | October 21 2009
Max is a rambunctious 1 year old Shih Tzu who ran the household. Bark Busters came in and gave me the training tools to help me make Max a better dog. He now listens to me and follows directions. I will continue to recommend Bark Busters to all my friends. Permalink
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Naples | October 21 2009
I think the training was great. Once Michael and I were properly instructed, then Marley Bob learned quickly! Permalink
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Mequon | October 20 2009
I saw results during the training. The training was interesting and enjoyable; I was very sad when our trainer left. Permalink
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Bayside | October 20 2009
While I was familiar with some techniques it was good to review and to discuss some of the specifics as they relate to my dog. My dog and I have much work (practice) to do, but he was very responsive to the training. With more practice, the techniques will be easy to incorporate into our daily routines. I was somewhat apprehensive at first because I have trained other dogs previously, but I found the experience very informative. I look forward to our upcoming sessions. Permalink
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Bayview | October 20 2009
Nikki always made sure to ask whether or not what she had told me made sense and I could tell that she really wanted us to succeed. Unfortunately he started to act out after a couple of days but I don't believe that was at the fault of the trainer. Things are starting to get better. I was pleased with the natural training techniques except for the ‘bah' as a correction but it works so I am trying my best. There were so many things that I didn't know that affected Charlie's behavior and I am really happy to know that I can make changes myself that will make him behave better. I would recommend Bark Busters because I think we're on the road to success and I would want others to get the same results. Permalink
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Morris | October 19 2009
John was a big help by going over the material slowly and by covering all the topics two or three times. I was pleased with Bark Busters natural training techniques and would recommend them to friends and relatives. Permalink
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Lockport | October 19 2009
We observed noticeable results by the end of the training session. Our dog is beginning to behave better. Right after the first session, she was different (for the better). We were pleased with their natural training techniques and found the entire experience interesting and enjoyable. We already have referred Bark Busters to friends. I try showing others what I've learned in hopes they see how good Bark Busters is. Move over Ceasar Milan - John Sullivan's taking over! Permalink
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Sherwood | October 19 2009
Dick was great at breaking steps down and re-explaining them as needed. Chloe was doing great during training - some things she had buttoned down by the next day. I enjoyed learning new concepts on how to handle Chloe. Thanks Dick for all the help! Permalink