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Naples | March 28 2009
Comfortable and relaxed method of training for both myself and Danny Boy. Permalink
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Estero | March 28 2009
Very professional! I saw noticeable results with Wesley, our goldendoodle, by the end of the lesson. Patrick explained the natural training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. Permalink
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Whiting | March 27 2009
Paul is a simply fantastic trainer as well as a highly personable trainer and representative of Bark Busters. My wife and I are so pleased with how he is helping my Boston terrier, Bo, be as civil and trained as he is naturally cute. Your company is very lucky to have Paul and so are we. Permalink
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Ossining | March 27 2009
Easy to understand techniques that can be quite effective. Mark, Thanks for all your outstanding help and advice. Permalink
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Lincolndale | March 27 2009
Mark explained the pack theory and the need for my wife and I to be the leaders. Mark obviously has a lot of experience with dogs, and wants humans to have a positive relationship with their pets. Permalink
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Tigard | March 27 2009
Lisa spent time explaining the training process and how our dog, Ellie, relates to us. By the end of the training, Ellie knew she had to pay attention to our directions. She appeared willing to learn. We were pleased with the natural training techniques -- no bribing, i.e., treats! ~ It was strictly behavior modification. The training was both interesting and enjoyable and nothing like I had guessed or imagined! Lisa is great. We look forward to working with Ellie and hopefully we will continue to show positive results upon her return. We will absolutely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Clermont | March 26 2009
Jim worked with me and my dog last year, unfortunately we lost her unexpectedly after surgery. We very recently rescued a Lab and, by chance, I met Jim at the local dog park. He was more than happy to offer his help and experience. He spent time talking and working with me, helping with some training issues and concerns we were having with Cooper. His help has been invaluable, and I can't thank him enough the whole dynamics of my relationship with Cooper has changed. What made this even more amazing was that there was no question of looking for payment or trying to sign me up for a new Bark Busters package; Jim was just being a genuinely nice guy wanting to help! Thank you so much! Your professionalism and integrity are a credit to Bark Busters. I will not hesitate to call you or refer anyone who is looking for a trainer. Permalink
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Brentwood | March 26 2009
If Bark Busters can work on Charley, they can work on any dog! Karen seemed very knowledgeable about dogs and aspects of training them. Thank you! Permalink
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Rancho Cucamong | March 26 2009
Nancy was very thorough explaining the training techniques we were going to use. I was extremely excited to see the huge difference in the short time of my dog training. My little dog is a new guy! The natural training is wonderful. After learning the Koehler Method in 1955 for one of my dogs, I appreciate the Bark Busters way much much more. I enjoyed all my lessons, and like watching the continued better behavior.I find it to be quick and easy. Nancy is business-like with a wonderful personality. She makes you feel at ease with what you are doing, and I can tell my dog likes her, too. Permalink
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Rancho Cucamonga | March 26 2009
My two rat terriers were so bad that none of my family would come to my house. Nancy came to the house and taught us what to do to correct their horrible behavior. We learned that we had to make the rules and stick to them. I never thought there would such a quick improvement. During the very first lesson my dogs responded to our newly learned commands. For the first time ever, they weren't barking at every little thing or person, and they learned not to run out the door. I have referred Nancy to my sister, who will finally agree to come back to my house. Thank you, Nancy! Permalink