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N. Charleston | May 25 2010
My 1-year-old Aussie shepherd is already doing much better with the jumping. I was very impressed with how quick my dog responded-highly recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
West Ashley | May 25 2010
Since our matriarch of the "pack" passed away a few months back, our 3 wonderful little doxies have been rude at best. We needed help with their behavior to avoid fighting. We noticed results starting with the first training session and had our "pack" back in order in no time! Permalink
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| May 25 2010
We have four very strong-willed and physically strong dogs who definitely needed Cheryl's help. Our first session with Cheryl was great. The techniques were easy to understand, and Cheryl was very patient with both us and our dogs. We are applying the practices that Cheryl showed us and have been seeing results already-we just have to stay on top of the training. I wish we would have thought of this before! I recommend Cheryl Zander to all in the Atlanta area, as she has years of experience working with dogs from all walks of life and makes the training fun. John and I, along with Cammy, Barney, Fergie, and Tonka, look forward to our next session! Permalink
Johns Island | May 25 2010
Bark Busters did a great job with our dogs! They were extremely knowledgeable, and we saw positive results in our English mastiff and lab in a very short time. I would highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone who has a dog in need of a little help! Permalink
Charleston | May 25 2010
I always recommend Bark Busters-especially when I see dogs having the same problems that our dogs, standard poodles, used to have. (Anxiety with skateboards, barking, jumping, and even a little aggression with each other.) James did a great job with the dogs and us. He has continued to check on us and encourage us. He is always happy to answer any questions. We are truly pleased with the results! Permalink
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Sherwood | May 25 2010
The flip chart presentation was very helpful, as were the demonstrations and aids. I understand that it will take time to change some behaviors, but even in a short time there were noticeable differences. The training is interesting and very helpful. Good information about how the dog "thinks" and "pack mentality." Bark Busters was recommended to me by my groomer, and I would recommend it to others. Permalink
West Ashley | May 25 2010
We have already talked with other dog owners about Bark Busters and the great results we have seen. We saw improvement after the first session but definitely noticed an even more significant improvement by session number two. We are able to better control our Westie, Lucy; she keeps calm when guests arrive, minimal barking and less jumping. We were also pleased that the techniques did not involve any cruel behavior! Permalink
Charleston | May 25 2010
Very simple, but works. They did a wonderful job. My Yorkie barked at everything-leaves falling from a tree! By the time our therapist left, my dog was 100% better! Permalink
James Island | May 25 2010
My puppy, Hank, was 10 weeks old when I brought him home. I could tell he was a very smart dog right away, so I needed to learn to train him the proper way. I tried contacting a few different trainers in the area. To my surprise, Bark Busters was the only one that responded to me! They were on time, nice, and very professional. They did not come in here telling me things; it was about me and my dog. Right away we saw changes, some small, some more noticeable. When I took him to the vet, who had just seen him three weeks earlier, he commented twice on how good he had acted. I would highly recommend either James or Michelle for anyone. The training is easy on you and your pet. You just need to use the tools they give you, and it really is stress-free. When you're done, you will feel good, and your pet will be happy! Permalink
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Mont Clare | May 25 2010
Jeri was very thorough; she is a great teacher. We were skeptical at first, but the results spoke for themselves. Jackson has become a different dog. We especially like the part about dog behavioral psychology. We have plenty of friends and family that would benefit from the "bah." Jeri taught us how to interact with Jackson in a way that got through to him. Permalink