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Madison, WI | October 06 2006
Linda Conrad went through step by step with me verbally and reinforced with more techniques in on the spot training. I thought she brought my dog's "good twin" with her! These techniques make sense to me and obviously and most importantly to Buddy. Time went so quickly. The training was intensive and made its mark on me as the leader and Buddy looking to me for direction. What an amazing program! The results were amazing! It's quiet and relaxed in our home and Buddy has found his leader of the pack! Linda is very knowledgeable and consistent. Permalink
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Middletown, CT | October 05 2006
We think Bark Busters is great. The training was very enjoyable and Jane was light and very nice to have in our home. We think Bark Busters is marvelous and very helpful to have at home. Permalink
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Newnan, GA | October 03 2006
Barry & Jessica are awesome! Our dog Jesse has had amazing results after the first session!! We have recommended Barry to our neighbors and friends. We just love Jesse's results! Permalink
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Pearl River, NY | October 03 2006
I was really pleased. I never thought Sammy would accept my grandson. I thought for sure she would have to be destroyed. Now she really does accept Jack as part of the pack. Permalink
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Largo, FL | September 29 2006
Thank you for the time you spent with Emma, Jeff and I. So far Emma is doing 'phenomenal'! She has become the most well behaved dog I have ever met, in just one session!!! I can't believe my eyes...I went to work today and bragged about you and the Bark Busters theory. I am so pleased and am looking forward to having people over to our house to prove to them that Emma truly is a lady. Permalink
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Dunedin, FL | September 29 2006
Spunky is better-behaved after the initial visit. We are looking forward to continued improvement. I need to master the training techniques explained very well to me. Permalink
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Holiday, FL | September 29 2006
The techniques that Vito taught us were very easy to learn and effective. We saw an immediate improvement in all three of our dogs. We look forward to implementing these techniques every day for the safety and future of our pets. Thank you so much for all your help. Permalink
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Port Richey, FL | September 29 2006
It took Skippy a while to be somewhat controllable. I'm extremely pleased with the results from 'before' and 'after'. I still have work to do with him to keep him in line but he is much more manageable. He's almost a different dog! Permalink
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Clearwater, FL | September 29 2006
I was very impressed with the reaction of my dogs to the training. We have been working now for 10 days and i have seen a great improvement. I have an Alpha female and the difference in her is amazing. I can leave the house much quicker and with less drama and anxiety. Permalink
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Hudson, LF | September 29 2006
We want to thank Bark Busters for finally showing us how to have a loving and obedient dog! Oreo has now become a wonderful and fun companion for us, thanks to you. Permalink