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Coatesville | September 23 2008
Alan was very knowledgeable about the subject. There was a noticeable improvement in Gus's attitude and behavior. We were very convinced by the results! Permalink
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Exton | September 23 2008
Bark Busters techniques were very easy, even my 12-year-old son did it! There were noticeable results by the end of the training. I walked my dogs following our session and I couldn't believe the difference!! I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friends. I was very impressed by the first visit. Karen and Alan stayed for 3 hours to help me address my dogs issues. They really listened to what I was telling them about my dogs. ~ THANK YOU! I feel sooo much better already. I can't wait for our second session. Permalink
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Denver | September 23 2008
My dog, Chloe, responded immediately after the first session with Robin. This was the first time I really enjoyed training my dog. The problem I was having with Chloe related to her being aggressive with other dogs. Walks and hikes were difficult. People would cross the street to get away from us. After the first session, the same people who used to avoid us now commented on how well she was doing. Walking and hiking are now a pleasure. Other training methods I tried were not effective and actually made the behavior worse. Permalink
Whitefish Bay | September 22 2008
After the first session, my dog paid more attention to me as a leader. The training experience was much more fun than I anticipated. We would recommend Bark Busters because it gives boundaries, guidelines and tools to work with your dog. Nikki did a great job accommodating different owners' learning styles and she was very patient. Permalink
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Dearborn | September 22 2008
Maril explained & demonstrated the techniques thoroughly & in a way easily understood. Bailey responded very well. Permalink
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James Island | September 21 2008
It's so simple. At first it seemed too simple and elementary to work. The dogs response to the "bah" is something I wouldn't believe if I hadn't experienced it. I saw visible changes in my dogs' behavior. James & Michelle were very confident and engaging. They were great with the dogs. Permalink
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Windermere | September 21 2008
Jim Lory could not have done a better job with the training. My dog loved him and responded to all commands. Butchie responded beautifully and immediately to the training. Of course, he still needs lots of practice and repetition to perfect these skills. Permalink
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Winter Garden | September 21 2008
I couldn't believe that my dog, Coco, responded so well and so quickly to the training. I have already recommended Jim to friends and relatives as the training was informative and very effective. Permalink
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Phoenixville | September 21 2008
So much of the training was so simple; we are just glad we found someone to show us! Lulu changed many behaviors after the meeting. She "shut down" after a while because her brain was full, but she learned so much. It's amazing how many things WE were doing wrong. We needed the training more than Lulu. It was very interesting. I loved how the BAH actually works! I would definitely recommend Jeri. She helped us realize that we were letting the dog lead us in the tiniest ways. We now won't let that happen again. This was a great experience -- for us and Lulu! Permalink
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Fort Myers | September 19 2008
We were amazed at the way Misty, our Shiba Inu, responded to Patrick (the Bark Busters method). We would definitely recommend Bark Busters. We observed excellent, noticeable results by the end of the training. Patrick explained the natural training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. Permalink