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Madison Heights | August 04 2008
Lisa had a great personality. She was very easy to work with. I love the care and accountability Bark Busters provides. Permalink
Lake Orion | August 04 2008
It helps you relate to your dog on a level they can understand. It was amazing to see Bodie respond so well to the techniques Lisa showed me! It really works when applied consistently! Permalink
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Golden, Colorado | August 04 2008
Excellent information & training. Amazing early results! Permalink
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Joliet | August 04 2008
Not only were the training techniques easy to follow, but it works, too. By the end of the training session, my dogs did things I never thought were possible and the best part is I can make it happen after the trainer has left. I am amazed at how well the natural training techniques work and there is no yelling or bad communication at any time. I can't wait to tell my friends with similar issues how much I have learned and how nice John is. I am going to recommend John from Bark Busters to everyone in the Joliet area. I would refer other Bark Busters trainers based on my experience with John. I am a believer in the Bark Busters program and feel very lucky to have had this experience. Thank you! Permalink
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Bowie | August 03 2008
Sharon was fantastic. She was enjoyable to work with. I was really surprised to see results the same day! I will recommend Bark Busters to my friends with out a doubt. Permalink
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Odenton | August 03 2008
Sharon explained the techniques clearly. You could tell she knew what she was talking about. It was fun to learn from her and she was enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge. My Black Lab responded to the training immediately. He was heeling and coming when called on the first visit. It worked! The techniques were easy to put into place. Sharon spent several hours with me and modeled many training exercises and made sure I could do them correctly. I feel that I will be able to use the techniques successfully be the pack leader and will absolutely recommend her and Bark Busters without a doubt! Permalink
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San Antonio | August 02 2008
It was very easy to understand the techniques -- especially once we understood how the dogs perceived our actions. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly our dogs responded to commands. The training methods were very gentle, yet effective. It was a lot of fun. I was surprised at how quickly we saw results. I intend to recommend Bark Busters to other dog owners. I'm also going to thank my vet for having the brochures available. Permalink
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San Diego | August 01 2008
For two-and-a-half years, Buddy has barked at our mailman every day. We tried everything to get this unwanted behavior to stop. When we found out that Buddy had developed a reputation with not only the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, Fed Ex, the water delivery guy, our plumber, SDG&E, the cable guy, the phone guy, the furniture delivery guy, our landscaper, and every neighbor within a 3 block radius. We decided something HAD to be done. I found out about Justin at Bark Busters from our veterinarian. After only our first lesson with Justin, we noticed a huge difference in the overall behavior of our dog. Buddy no longer barks at anyone and he has now become our mailman's favorite dog on his route. The mailman tells us that not only is Buddy his favorite dog on his route, but that Buddy is the highlight of his entire day! This newfound friendship between our mailman and Buddy would have never happened if it hadn't been for Justin, Bark Busters and their amazing techniques! Sincerely a loyal and raving fan. Permalink
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Slingerlands | August 01 2008
Results were immediate. I feel like my dog now listens to me. Now that Rachel has given me the correct tools to train my dog, I have noticed considerable changes in my dog's behavior that have made both owner and dog much happier! Permalink
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Altamont | August 01 2008
Very thorough, enjoyable as well. I like the way it worked with the dog's nature. Rachel was wonderful. I will also let my vet know - it is worthwhile! Permalink