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Marco Island | April 02 2010
Great team to work with. Considerate yet consistent with our dogs. Permalink
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Yorktown Heights | April 02 2010
Mark is very patient and consistent. Results were unbelievable! Both AJ and the family learned in a safe, fun and caring environment. It was very educational and results-driven. Permalink
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Estero | April 01 2010
The training methods used by Bark Busters are very easy but direct and to-the-point. Lucy, our Havanese, resisted with just the first round of the front door exercise, but not again the rest of the lesson. She understood immediately what was to be expected of her. We learned a lot. The time went by very quickly, and we had to laugh because Lucy was such a good girl. Patrick created an atmosphere with immediate results. We are on our way to becoming leaders. Permalink
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Henderson | March 31 2010
I learned that I need training too! Amazing results by the end of the training. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters are excellent. Christine is a wonderful coach. I would recommend Bark Busters because they are effective. Permalink
Trainer note from Christine : First Lesson was on 3/13/10. They posted this review on 3/31/2010.
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Naples | March 30 2010
Excellent throughout. It gave us hope to be able to keep our pitbull! Thanks again. Permalink
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Parma Heights | March 30 2010
If you think you can't change your dog, you're wrong. Bark Busters trainers Kathy and Betsy proved to me that Cosmo (poodle/Lhasa apso) could change with my help and theirs. I got Cosmo 3 years ago from a shelter; he had separation anxiety, always barking, very hyper and no one could approach me without him feeling he had to protect me. Kathy and Betsy helped me to change all of that. Even though it has only been about three weeks, there is a major improvement. He is like a totally different dog. Who would have thought that a simple "growl" would get his attention. I am so thankful for the two of them, and I am glad I called to get things going. We still have more work ahead of us, but with them I believe I can change him. THANKS for all your help. Permalink
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Estero | March 30 2010
Excellent! 5 out of 5! Permalink
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mrs C Winston Salem, North Carolina | March 30 2010
My husband and I have a 2 month old Doberman mix puppy (Sampson). When we first got him home we quickly found out that our little puppy had a behavioral problem, he was food aggressive. Being first time pet owners we had no clue what to do, we felt lost and sought out answers and solutions that did not help. That is when Amy from Bark Busters stepped in and rescued us. She asked us all about Sampson and what, where and how much we were feeding him. She got all the information and then told us what we should do and exactly how we should do it. We are proud to announce after 2 weeks of doing what she said Sampson is no longer food aggressive and we are all much happier. Thank you Amy! Permalink
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Dallas | March 29 2010
Tom did a fantastic job with teaching us how to make our new puppies have a happy home. Tom spent a fair amount of training time with my wife and I until he was confident that we understood the importance of staying consistent with Max and Casey. They were only a couple of months old then, now they are a little over 5 years old, and we have received numerous comments on how well-behaved they are. Thanks to Tom from me, my wife, Casey and Max. Permalink
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Naples | March 29 2010
Yes! It works! We had a great time watching our dog learn. We wish we would have called Bark Busters a year ago - the results are more than we hoped for. Thanks again, Colin and June! Permalink