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Limerick | November 18 2008
We are very pleased with Yeti's response to the training technique of Bark Busters. Jeri was very helpful in showing us how to use the correct words for quick turnaround. In a short time of training Yeti is already showing better behavior! Permalink
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Canton | November 18 2008
I was so frustrated with Grady! He was horrible about jumping on people and dug countless holes in our yard, I know he's only 8 months old but enough is enough. After a few hours with Maril, he was a totally different dog. I am so glad she was there. She took the time to make sure I understood everything and made sure we were getting results before she left. Now, I don't dread company coming over. I don't even have to worry about my 18-month-old nephew getting knocked over. The baby can give Grady commands and he actually does them! It is truly amazing! He even started walking on the leash better after just one session. I work in a vet's office and recommend them to all new puppy and dog owners. Maril works wonders! Permalink
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Melbourne | November 17 2008
Within one day, recall was improved 100%. Barking problem improved almost immediately. Very pleased. Permalink
Aurora | November 17 2008
Becky made the techniques easily applicable and demonstrated them in a way that was easy to understand. Dakota was more relaxed and not barking. It is easy to be consistent and practice "naturally." The dogs seemed willing to please and it's great to establish positive relationships with them. I'd recommend Bark Busters in a heartbeat! Thank you for taking the time to help me begin a harmonious relationship with my dogs. Permalink
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Dearborn Heights | November 17 2008
Maril demonstrated (immediately) how changing our behaviors impacted the dogs' behaviors. We were very impressed. Absolutely! The dog (pit mix found as a stray) that started out fearful & tense was relaxed and comfortable taking direction. The techniques demonstrated made perfect sense... Maril explained how our actions were perceived by the dogs. I was amazed at how making small changes in the way we did things made such a difference in the way the dogs acted. Maril gave specific recommendations for each dog & for each problem as well as how to properly reward good behavior. We were much more conscious of the way our body language impacted the dogs -- we were able to better recognize and respond to the signals the dogs were giving us. Maril made clear she was available for further help if needed. Ford Road Animal Hospital - Assistant Permalink
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Menomonee Falls | November 17 2008
Nikki put us both at ease and incorporated the answers to our questions while explaining the training. We did notice a difference by the end of training. The Bark Busters techniques are compatible with our philosophy on training. The training was enjoyable. The in-home training with a personal trainer/therapist appears to be more effective for both our dogs and us. We are looking forward to positive, long lasting results. Permalink
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Weston | November 16 2008
It is so much better already!!!! He responded so quickly - no barking and no jumping this morning - we are enjoying him so much more! We'll keep bahhhing. Permalink
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Clive | November 16 2008
We particularly like the home-based approach where we could focus the training in the environment [our dog] Lexie will be most comfortable. Deb was a great trainer! Permalink
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Southfield | November 15 2008
It was easy to understand, and the handouts re-emphasized the lessons. Our two older dogs and our new puppy, Mya, are all behaving better. We would recommend Bark Busters -- it is well thought out and it works. The followup is also very helpful. Maril & Bob are kind, considerate and wonderful trainers. Thank you! Permalink
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Naples | November 15 2008
We have 3 dogs. The techniques we learned have helped restore harmony in our home on a daily basis. Permalink