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Toledo, OH | July 21 2006
It was amazing to see how quickly they responded to the training techniques used. We can't wait to see how they progress! Permalink
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-Midway Animal Hospital, Bowling Green | July 21 2006
I was amazed at the instant response from my dog. We worked both inside and outside and Jed (Beagle) did very well in both areas. We still need to wor k with greetings. The BAHs are amazing!! Permalink
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Curtice, OH | July 21 2006
Bark Busters method is very effective, without physical correction and the dogs seem to enjoy the class. Permalink
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Grand Rapids, OH | July 21 2006
I already feel revieved that Akita should listen to me now. Usually my husband can't even stay awake and he was actually participating. I like the program used and I am already pleased with the results. Permalink
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Holland, OH | July 21 2006
It's a more realistic way to train your dog plus I saw results immediately. It's obviously a great program. Permalink
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Bowling Green, OH | July 21 2006
Clearly laid out techniques. Say noticeable changes in both dogs. Natural techniques to aid in training. Permalink
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Edgewater, MD | July 21 2006
I can't believe that Cody can walk on a leash! We established our leadership and made SO MUCH improvement in less than 3 hours! I absolutely recommend training with Marsha! Permalink
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-M. - Gambrills, MD | July 21 2006
VERY effective training! Marsha was very personable, friendly and knowledgeable. We saw results immediately! Permalink
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Clarksville, MD | July 21 2006
I was impressed by how quickly Penny responded to the use of the correction and began to understand what we wanted. We were able to stop her unwanted barking on the second try! Permalink
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Maumee, OH | July 21 2006
Lesson was thoughtful and well explained. The whole experience was fun. Going for the mail was an enjoyable experience. Instead of pulling, she actually listened and followed my commands. Techniques were easy to follow. I loved the whole lesson and am excied to try the training by myself. I can't wait to leave my apartment and go to the store. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. I felt like a prisoner in my own home and now feel like I am the one in charge. Permalink