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Highlands Ranch | May 05 2010
I just now looked at your website and have to sing the praises for Kathy! She started with our "high maintenance" Chihuahua, Peanut, in 2005. He was a little terror, and in just one session, she got him to behave and follow directions. She worked very hard on the humans who probably needed the behavior adjustment more than the dog did! We called for "refresher" sessions, both dog and human, in 2008 and last month with the usual outstanding results. We highly recommend Kathy to all in need. She is the BEST, and even Peanut loves her. Permalink
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Fort Myers Beach | May 05 2010
The Bark Busters training presentation which Patrick delivered was very informative and easy to understand. We noticed a change in our dog's behavior after one two-hour lesson. Bark Busters is a common-sense approach to training a dog. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | May 05 2010
I am a caregiver for a 94-year-old with dementia. Patrick clearly and simply communicated the Bark Busters approach in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Buddy, our rescued Miniature Dachshund, responded favorably. The natural training techniques are excellent. Patrick's instructions were very clear and positive. We can now have a quiet conversation in the apartment. Permalink
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Chester Springs | May 05 2010
Jeri explained the techniques and has been very willing to answer all of my questions. By the end of the training, Idgie was starting to understand what she was supposed to do and not do. I am absolutely happy with the training. I don't want my dog to learn out of fear or always need to be rewarded with food. The training was interesting for me to learn what to look for as far as body language. Permalink
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Blue Bell | May 05 2010
Jeri is such an asset to Bark Busters-she has saved our household! Permalink
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Felton | May 05 2010
There was an amazing difference even the next day! The barking was gone. The first quiet day since we got the Labs. Thank you so much. It even works for the squirrels. Permalink
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Middletown | May 05 2010
I noticed significant changes in their behavior as John guided me through the techniques. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. The transformation in our dogs is wonderful. I am so thankful for John's help. We're happier, the neighbors are happier, and I know the dogs are too! Permalink
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Mrs S Greensboro, North Carolina | May 05 2010
OK, so I have tried other classes and was skeptical if home training would be worth it. Boy, am I a believer now. After months of classes our puppy would still not really listen, come when called, or stop nipping my hands and feet. I used Amy with Bark Busters and in less than 3 days my puppy stopped nipping! It has been over 3 months and he listens, comes when called and seems so much more relaxed. If Cesar Milan could see me now! Wow. Do not even hesitate to use Bark Busters if you want to have your dog listen to you AND be happy. When I add up the actual time I got to spend in class with the instructor and what it cost me, I got more time for less money with personal, in home training. I also got to work at my own pace and I have all the support I need for me and my dog. Very cool and well worth it. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Other, Puppy management, Recall
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Chicago | May 04 2010
Immediate results were visible and love that (the training) is not treat-based. We will be dropping cards in neighbor's yards, and we can't wait to learn more! Permalink
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Hillsboro | May 04 2010
Dick allowed for LOTS of questions, which was very helpful in our understanding of the training techniques. One of our dogs is hard of hearing and arthritic-a senior-and the collar is sometimes painful for him. We're working around that, however, and understand this is a unique situation. We have two vocal beagles, with one of them being particularly LOUD. The education in the barking alone has made the training worth it! We're all glad to be living in a happier, better-communicating household, dogs included! Permalink