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Milford | February 08 2010
We are so impressed with Paulette and Jon's training! The techniques we learned were so easy to put into practice and we got immediate results. Our energetic labs were sleeping in their own beds the same day as our first training session and within a week we have solved food aggression and jumping on visitors at the front door, and significantly reduced the barking and leash pulling. It's amazing what a difference we've seen so quickly, not just in the behaviors that caused us to call for training. They're much calmer than they were before, and Charlie and Layla seem much happier now that they've stopped tearing around the house like maniacs. Permalink
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Canton | February 08 2010
Excellent techniques, easy to understand. Hands on is great for us. I like that treats were not involved. I like knowing they'll listen just because they want to please me. I like learning about dog's body language so I can read them better. It is lifetime training for one, set price and it's nice to have training guaranteed for later in life in case new obstacles occur with Nellie (American Staffordshire Terrier) and Sandy (hard headed Basset Hound). Permalink
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Farmington | February 08 2010
Maril takes the time to explain and re-explain if necessary. I learn best by doing. Harry was very calm after Maril left that first day. I never thought that he'd be that calm. Other techniques were not useful with Harry, they were making him worse. Harry is a difficult dog. Maril allowed me to put theory into practice the first day. That is what made me happy. I have recommended Bark Busters because the ease in which the dog responds will improve the humans lifestyle. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | February 08 2010
Bark Busters is worth every penny! Patrick is kind, patient and enthusiastic about training. I am truly amazed at how well my dogs responded to the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. The methods are also easy to understand and easy to implement. After just one lesson I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters and already have! Permalink
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Naples | February 08 2010
In two hours (for the initial lesson) and two days on our own, we have seen Zoe (our Golden Retriever) change dramatically. We wish we had known about Bark Busters when we first got Zoe 4 years ago. Permalink
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Naples | February 06 2010
Very compassionate; did not criticize me or my dogs. Unbelievable results by the end of the first session! The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters meant no physical harm to the dogs - I like that the most! I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors, some of whom were outside observing while we were training. The Glass's were a blessing. Thank you! Permalink
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Bellevue | February 05 2010
BRAVO to you Jack. You have made a gentleman out of our dog Nixon. I saw results with Jack's first visit, and Nixon just keeps on getting better. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Permalink
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Eden Prairie | February 04 2010
When we called Bark Busters, Guinness was a classic "C" dog with basic attentiveness issues. He definitely felt he was running the show. We have been so pleased with his progress from simple sit/stay to big improvement in greeting guests with something other than fanatical barking. We would recommend Bark Busters techniques to anyone. Permalink
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MINNETONKA | February 04 2010
Becca has made good progress. The training methods are very effective. Jean has been extremely helpful and responsive. We are confident that with continued effort and consistency on our part and occasional support from Jean, that Becca will be well adjusted and comfortable with our family. Permalink
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Stt. Paul | February 04 2010
Bark Busters training was very interesting and informative. I especially like the fact that it is non physical. I know so many dogs and dog owners who would benefit from this training. Jean was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She's aware of Dexter's needs and mine. Permalink