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Pembroke Pines | September 04 2009
Our baby, Laura Sofia, was born on July 25th and we brought her home on the 27th. Toogie was very curious and wagged her tail when we showed her the baby. It's been five weeks now and she continues to be wonderful with Laura, laying by her swing and cradle and watching over her. We couldn't be happier! Permalink
Thomasville | September 03 2009
Leigh Ann explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. She was very helpful in setting up the crate for potty training. I was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. They are new techniques that I think will work well. Leigh Ann and I have fun together. She is very helpful by phone as well. Permalink
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Lexington | September 03 2009
Kendra is very professional and kind! Excellent marks across the board. Permalink
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Tacoma | September 02 2009
Carol explained the techniques to three people and all took to the lessons easily. I now have well behaved children (dogs). The method taught me I did not have "bad kids," but they just needed rules and boundaries. Very enjoyable, we are all amazed at the "kids" and how simple yet hard it was! I am already talking about Bark Busters to others. Permalink
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Galena | September 01 2009
Stan Murray "trained" me well and my dog is much calmer overall. Using very humane techniques, Rusty views training as OK now. For the sake of your dog, become the "alpha" dog so he can relax. I also realized I need to invest a little more play time with Rusty. Permalink
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Batimore | September 01 2009
Anne is a lifesaver! --We have an 11 month old baby and a 5 year old springer spaniel. Our springer has been over-protective of the baby as well as the house. She would not stop barking, jumping on visitors, etc. Anne came over and within 10 minutes had our dog relaxed and calm. She then trained us for the next hour! Anne is wonderful! We can't say enough about her! Permalink
Oakland Township | September 01 2009
Simple, easy to understand techniques that actually work! My husband and I were amazed at the difference in our evening walk with Simon after the training; no pulling or constant corrections. We even passed barking, out-of-control dogs and Simon remained a "perfect" gentleman focused on my commands. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Lisa! Permalink
West Bloomfield | September 01 2009
John and Lisa are wonderful trainers and took a lot of time helping us! Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | September 01 2009
Lisa walked into a home with two stressed-out humans and one six-pound dog who was running things. Within days, things are much different. We are all much more relaxed and our places in the "pack" are defined. Permalink
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Seminole | September 01 2009
Vito has been terrific to work with. He is very understanding of our needs and the feelings of our Mastiff puppy. We have learned several ways to control our large dog. Simba is learning quickly and Vito continues to bring new ideas and techniques to try with Simba. Permalink