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Orlando | July 13 2009
Jodi was very thorough and VERY patient with not only our dogs but with our many questions. I was amazed at the change in behavior in just about an hour of working with Jodi and dogs on the first session. It was great to have Jodi in our home. She spent a great deal of time with us and our dogs. The dogs seemed to like the stimulus of the training session. I like knowing we will be able to count on Jodi for advice and training for the life of our dogs. Permalink
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Sanford | July 13 2009
Jodi took the time to answer all my questions. My dog came, sat and followed me. Very practical, made sense and they work. Easy to get involved and learned a lot. Permalink
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Winter Park | July 13 2009
Jodi really put things into perspective for us. She explained how our behavior will affect the behavior of Pecos. She was VERY detailed, allowed us to ask questions and then made sure we understood her answers. Jodi teaches in a way that is memorable. I was also very appreciative that when we were practicing the techniques, she corrected me when I was doing the correction on Pecos incorrectly. She made sure that were "getting" the techniques and implementing them in a way that would improve Pecos' behavior. I like how cognizant Jodi was of Pecos. She watched his behavior and mannerisms and went out of her way to make sure not to disrupt him. She wanted to set an environment for him so he would be comfortable with his training. I also liked that she directed us on how to train him, she did not completely take over his training - she participated actively and guided us. I saw results with the walking on the leash and the stimulus, training Pecos not to bark when someone knocks on the door, was more challenging. Some of the things we were doing (Alpha rolling) was actually causing more aggressive behavior so it is good that Jodi stepped in and gave us better tools. Permalink
Weston | July 13 2009
Dear Bruce, thank you so much for your fantastic work with Wasabi! He is doing so much better with our daily reminders and by following all you have taught us since day one. We are enjoying Wasabi more now than just worrying about the things he was doing wrong. With many BAAHs and water balloons we will set our rules and have a best friend for life! It's amazing to see how well your training works every single visit... and what an amazing job you do with dogs!! We'll see you soon. Thanks again! Permalink
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Dearborn | July 13 2009
Our dog Annie (Briard) was a different dog at the end of the session. We were very much pleased with the natural training techniques. The training was interesting and we found it amazing. My neighbor was also amazed with the results. Excellent in every area. Permalink
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Farmington | July 13 2009
Excellent scores in every category! For our first visit, Maril stayed for four hours, answering all of our questions. It is the only training technique Emma has responded to. We enjoyed the cartoons in the flip book. Permalink
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Detroit | July 13 2009
Many of my bad ideas about dogs were corrected in a positive way. Some things seemed confusing at first, but became clearer as we continued. Excellent techniques, excellent results, excellent experience. Permalink
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Peekskill | July 12 2009
Holly & Samantha are continuing to show progress each day. Easy to understand, fast results! Permalink
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Chappaqua | July 12 2009
It is working! Permalink
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Mahopac | July 12 2009
Everything was very easy to follow and remember. By the time Mark left, we had a new dog. The results have been amazing. We can't thank you enough!! Permalink