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Cape Coral | June 22 2009
My very skeptical husband put our dog and the Bark Busters Home Dog Training techniques to the ultimate test. Our dog and the methods worked beautifully. Permalink
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Oak Park | June 22 2009
Excellent scores in every category! It's working. I really enjoy my trainer, Bob listens to my problems and gives me things to try! Awesome. The training experience is interesting, enjoyable and educational - which is obviously what I need. I believe this will work - the (non-Bark Busters) class I took did not. Permalink
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Lansing | June 22 2009
I was happy with the training techniques. Everything was explained clearly and she encouraged questions. I noticed results by the end of the training. My dog Tyler was definitely listening better and improved with each exercise. I definitely see how this method makes sense and can work. I was very pleased. It made me feel more in control and at ease. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors because of the results and techniques appear workable. I am very glad I called Bark Busters because my household and my other dog were becoming very anxious over Tyler's behavior. Permalink
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Oswego | June 22 2009
I really liked Ken's laid back manner. From the moment he came into my home, I could see a difference in my dog, Maggie. By the time the session was complete, I knew I had picked the right service for Maggie. That was last Thursday.....that was 4 days ago and now with Ken's instructions, Maggie has become a very different dog. She's gone from a frisky terrier to a well manner Wheaten. I am truly impressed with the Bark Busters natural methods of training and with the excellent way in which Ken was able to transfer those ideas into a life style for Maggie and me. Thanks Ken...I really appreciate your help and guidance. Permalink
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Cherry Hill | June 21 2009
Kurt helped me a great deal with my newly adopted pup, especially since he came to me after being rescued as a stray with no training that we knew of. He pulled at the leash, jumped on people, would not come when called, bolted for the door all the time and mouthed my hand incessantly for attention. Kurt taught me to use the "Bah" command and establish my leadership with my dog, who responded almost immediately at the first visit. At subsequent visits we reinforced and adjusted his new behaviors with added expert techniques that helped him comfortably adapt. I would recommend Bark Busters and Kurt to any dog owner with training needs. The home one-on-one visits are excellent, especially when you have a busy work schedule. Permalink
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Jeri B Albuquerque, New Mexico | June 21 2009
Trainers were very helpful and didn't make me feel hopeless. Techniques used were easy to use and felt very natural. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
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Hillsboro | June 19 2009
I observed remarkable changes even in the first week! Numerous friends and family members were telling me what a great dog Kiri's become, almost immediately. I've already recommended Bark Busters to friends and family. Permalink
Louisville | June 19 2009
My dogs, who always charge the door, stopped in a "sit/stay" while I opened the door (in the first 10 minutes). The techniques made a lot of sense and were not harmful to the dogs at all. The training was entertaining and it was great to watch the results happen so quickly. The instructions were very clear and were repeated as much as I needed in order to remember. Permalink
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St. Petersburg | June 19 2009
This is an excellent service for dog training. Vito showed me how to train my dog naturally and was always responsive to my questions and requests. Overall it's a great company with a wonderful trainer. I have recommended it's service to others. Permalink
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Spring Valley | June 18 2009
This was an amazing experience. I did things with my dog I never did before or knew I could do. Permalink