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Verona | July 06 2007
Amazing! At first I was somewhat frustrated with my slow reactions and changing my habits. The dog seemed to catch on more quickly than me! I feel it's an excellent sensible way to train dogs and owners. Linda was excellent! She understands owner's frustrations and empathized individual needs of each dog & owner. Permalink
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Madison | July 06 2007
My dog seemed to enjoy the training! Linda Conrad was very calm, professional and personable. Permalink
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Jeri G Spring, Texas | July 05 2007
The concept is easy to understand and Bob did a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating the method. Within the first hour of training we started to see amazing changes in our dogs. Bark Busters is a great combination of correcting my dogs behaviors mixed w/positive reinforcement. Bob made the the training a fun experience while working with our dogs. He made everything fun and interesting. Permalink
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New City | July 03 2007
Not only did Michelle explain the techniques so I could understand, she trained me so I hardly noticed. Permalink
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Clermont | July 03 2007
My dog was very responsive. At first blush, I thought the fee was a lot for a dog, but there is great value in the potential to use the training experience to train our other dogs. I would recommend Jim and Bark Busters as I was pleased by the natural training techniques and very happy with the noticeable results I saw by the end of the session. Permalink
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Madison | July 03 2007
She taught me to think like a dog & it worked! My dog was walking "nose to toes" & stopped barking at the doorbell by the end of the evening. I really like no physical behavior with the dogs and not training with treats so they don't become used to it. It's amazing how damaging/distressing my behaviors like giving treats, bending over, etc. have made my dogs think that they "lead the pack." It's very effective training and really shows you how a dog thinks and how you may be letting the dog think of you as below the dog. The word "Bah" is really weird at first and takes some practice for me to get used to it, but it works!! Permalink
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Nashville | July 03 2007
I would like to tell you about Karen; she is my guarding angel. My Mollie and I were in a state of stress. I had lost my hearing, and then somebody told me about Bark Busters. So, I called and spoke with Karen. I knew that dogs could be specially trained to be service dogs, and I wanted my Mollie to become a service dog. I didn't want a replacement dog. . . . Now 3 months later, my Mollie goes with me wherever I go. She has learned how to ride the bus, how to be in a crowed of people at a local mall or doctors. Thank you, Bark Busters . . . and especially thanks Karen. Permalink
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St. Paul | July 02 2007
Lynne talked to my children in a way that they could understand. I found the training experience to be very interesting! I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
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McFarland | July 02 2007
Linda has "saved" our family! After 2 weeks, we have a "perfect dog"! We can't believe the difference! Thank you! Permalink
Chatham | July 01 2007
He was very thorough, took our questions and concerns in between the different parts, as something came to our minds of particular concern. I was pleased with the natural training techniques, because even though my dog and I have issues, I still love him. I didn't want the training to be too tough on him. I liked Jason's delivery. He was keeping things at a good pace, and quietly coaching us from the sidelines. His presence gave me confidence. Permalink