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La Crescenta | April 29 2009
Very effective! I can already see a difference with Piglet. She is starting to see me as the alpha dog. Permalink
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Brunswick | April 29 2009
We thought the results were awesome and we were amazed!! Kathy & Betsy applied their knowledge to situations that we thought were uncontrollable. They showed us how to get down to our dog Max's level and it truly has made a difference. Max was a completely different dog after we implemented the techniques that Kathy & Betsy taught us. We absolutely will recommend Bark Busters to all our friends or family and already have done so. Kathy & Betsy brought sanity back into a house that was struggling the wrong training tools!! Permalink
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Viera | April 28 2009
Terry has been wonderful - and helps me as much, or more with Lilly. She is great! Bark Busters is fortunate to have Terry! Permalink
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Rockledge | April 28 2009
We are thrilled with the improvement in Rudy's behavior - and it all happened so quickly. You're the best! Thank you. Permalink
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Fort Myers | April 28 2009
We recommend Bark Busters. Easy to understand training techniques, low stress training for you and your dog. We observed results by the end of the lesson. Patrick explained the natural training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. The entire training experience was interesting and enjoyable. Permalink
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Nancy H Barrington, Illinois | April 28 2009
This program is wonderful and well worth the cost. We have already recommended Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
Tucson | April 27 2009
In order to explain how wonderful Gerard was for our family, I first need to give some background on Zoey Elizabeth (my favorite kid/dog). We got Zoey from the pound. They assured us since her mom, a small cocker spaniel, gave birth to her in the pound, she too would be small. Well, she's about as much cocker spaniel as I am! She's a 60-lb pit bull/mutt. She loved her family and kids, but anyone else come in the house and you'd think was a "fighting pit bull." Zoey loved the grandbabies when they'd come to visit. BUT my son would call her "devil dog." My 13-yr-old couldn't walk her. She'd pull him along. My daughter was coming for a visit, bringing her hyper German shepherd. So, I called a dog trainer in Tucson (not Bark Busters). We went there for our first and only visit. The trainer spent one hour with Zoey, bribing her with cheese to listen. I think she ate her weight in cheese. We spent $75 for an HOUR! Was told it would take a LOT more sessions to get her under control! ~ I was then told about Gerard. He came to MY house, not a place Zoey was uncomfortable in. He explained how to work with her. The very FIRST day, we saw improvement! We took her to the park, and Zoey walked like a show dog! My 13-yr-old can walk her now! Gerard re-arranged his schedule to be here when my daughter showed up with her dog. The visit went GREAT! ~ All in all, Gerard was amazing for my family and my wonderful Zoey Elizabeth! She's much calmer and I believe happier now! Thank you, Gerard! Permalink
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Pella | April 26 2009
Deb did an excellent job of explaining the Bark Busters method. This approach really makes sense. It helps you to see what a dog might be "thinking" (how he responds to certain behaviors). I would recommend Bark Busters to those in need of help with their dog. Permalink
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Corona | April 26 2009
Besides being a knowledgeable trainer, Wendy is a friendly, positive and conscientious individual. She's a good listener and it is obvious from your first meeting, she loves what she does as a dog trainer and prides herself in past accomplishments. Wendy seeks the owner's input throughout the training sessions and when Wendy says she is always available when needed, SHE MEANS IT! Permalink
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Las Vegas | April 25 2009
Right after our first training, later in the day, a friend came over and our Pomeranian quit barking quickly. Another friend came after that and he didn't bark at all. We really like the Bark Buster training aids. We are so proud of Miko. Thank you. Permalink