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Fort Myers | April 14 2010
Patrick has a good knowledge of dog behavior and is patient with us. Permalink
Dallas | April 14 2010
My wife, Janis, and I, were at our "wits' end." M&M (papillon) was barking all the time, so Monarch (Lab mix) was also. After one lesson, the barking was 80% gone. Monarch was very aggressive toward other dogs. Things are 200% better, and both dogs are a pleasure to walk and be around. Rebecca has a GREAT way of communicating with us and the dogs. And last but not least, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to get great results. Permalink
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McMinnville | April 13 2010
Dick's presentation was clear. Taffy learned quickly, and although she is one of the dogs that doesn't respond to a chain noise, I was glad the other things worked. It is amusing to watch a dog learn. I recommend Bark Busters as it is important to help your dog understand and obey. Permalink
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Canby | April 13 2010
Dick was very easy to understand. The results were more noticeable with Mars than Star, but they are both doing well. I prefer natural training, rather than standard training methods. I found the experience to be very interesting and informative. I appreciated that Dick was concerned with me, considering I just had surgery prior to training. Permalink
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Naples | April 13 2010
Knowledgeable, very competent, very pleasant and friendly. Permalink
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Madison | April 13 2010
We have two Malti-poos, aged 4 and 2. Both used to bark to a ridiculous level when anyone came to the door or walked by our house (even on the other side of the street). Taking the dogs out to use the bathroom required looking both ways first to be sure no one was around. Totally embarrassing! Finally broke down and called Greg. Within 5 minutes of Greg being in the house, the dog were much different. After a few hours, we had the confidence to better control our dogs and the tool to improve our place as pack leaders. Greg took the time to explain his reasons for everything he taught us and the how and why behind our dogs' outrageous behavior. Greg accompanied us while taking walks around the neighborhood, utilized stuffed dogs to simulate stimuli that usually set the dogs off, and was always kind and constructive in his critiquing of what we were doing well and what we needed to continue to work on. I highly recommend Greg to anyone with dogs that bark, display aggressive behaviors, jump, etc. Thanks a ton, Greg! Our dogs are a pleasure to be around, and we don't worry about taking them out or when the neighbors are outside. Permalink
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Temperence | April 12 2010
Cheryl was great!! She knows her job well. We will recommend Bark Busters to everyone! Permalink
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Toledo | April 12 2010
We learned so much from all of this. Right away, Apollo (9 week rottweiler) showed improvement. It was amazing! It was a lot of fun and so informative. We have already told a few family members about Bark Busters. We had so much fun and learned so much. Our dog showed improvement in just one day. We are so grateful that we called. Permalink
Goose Creek | April 12 2010
Our two boxer mixes started to show great improvement with just one lesson! They were obsessed and anxious around children, we couldn't take things from them without them acting aggressive, and we couldn't get their attention with distractions like guests at our house. We have been very pleased with the training process overall. Permalink
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Fort Myers | April 11 2010