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Ontario | December 31 2008
Nancy was excellent. She was extremely patient with us, especially with my elderly parents who needed a lot of guidance. Both dogs are doing well, especially Sam. He is no longer jumping and snapping at Mom and Dad and that's a relief to my brother and me. Permalink
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Jones | December 31 2008
Sheri's presentation is very clear and we are very happy with Bark Busters techniques based on animal behavior, it was just what we were looking for. Lucy responded very quickly to the techniques. We feel much more in control with Lucy and she seems more at ease too. Permalink
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North Fort Myers | December 30 2008
We were astonished at how quickly Harley (Malte-Poo) responded. I recommended Patrick to our neighbor and our groomer! Patrick explained the pleasing, natural training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. What a joy! Permalink
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Rochester Hills | December 29 2008
Pudge is a totally different dog! Much more enjoyable! Permalink
Warren | December 29 2008
It is very effective in a short period of time. The approach is natural rather than treat-based. Permalink
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Riverview | December 29 2008
Joanne helped to make learning easy and simple. It really has helped already. Permalink
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Orlando | December 29 2008
Jim was amazing! Chakra responded to the training immediately and stopped barking at other dogs in just a few minutes. She has been an incessant barker for 8 years and now we know how to stop this. She also has stopped jumping on us and scratching our legs for attention. This good behavior has continued since Jim left and I am just pleased and shocked! Permalink
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Yorktown Heights | December 28 2008
Very interesting. Many techniques were techniques we had never heard of. Mr. Lieberman is very professional and obviously takes his trade very seriously. We were very lucky to have him as our therapist. Permalink
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Greenville | December 28 2008
I find the Bark Busters methods simple and effective. I think anyone who's willing to learn and practice with their dogs would benefit greatly. I had been working with trainers from a big nationwide pet store for 9 months. I've seen more improvement with Larry in one session than I did in 3 different classes of 6 weeks (18 weeks) with them. Permalink
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Palm Bay | December 28 2008
Pam was absolutely an amazing trainer and fabulous with my dog Baxter. She was patient but firm with him and really taught me a lot about dog mentality and how to easily live as his master. I would and have recommend ANYONE to Bark Busters. Permalink